ELWAY: Broncos Excited About Lock, Plan To Keep Simmons

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks

Thursday on Logan & Lewis on KOA, Broncos GM John Elway had some interesting things to say on a variety of topics, including:

--TRYING TO BEAT THE CHIEFS - "Obviously, the Chiefs are a team that we have to learn how to beat."

--VON MILLER'S COMMENTS AFTER THE CHIEFS GAME - "He's frustrated. I get it. We're all frustrated. Nobody likes losing."

--DREW LOCK - "I'm excited about where Drew is. I think all the playing time is going to help him into next year. We have to get good people around him and get him in the right situation. We have to continue to work on that and that's what we plan on doing this offseason."

--JUSTIN SIMMONS - "We're thrilled that Justin's a Denver Bronco. We plan to keep him a Denver Bronco."

Check out the full interview as Brandon Krisztal and I filled in for Dave, Rick and Kathy.