Mandy's Fri Blog: Let's Have a Fun Friday, Shall We?

MIKE IS ON FOR MOVIE TALK And Dave watched Nomadland because I couldn't make it through the first 30 minutes and Mike wants to preview some stuff. That's up at 2.

MY KENTUCKY EXPERT IS ON AT 1! Note I say Kentucky expert and not Kentucky Derby expert. Dwight Witten is one of my favorite people I got to know in Louisville and he is on today to talk about some Derby history and whatnot. He's just funny and is half of the Tony and Dwight Show that is on in my old time slot there. I love him so he's on the show at 1.

GRANT'S NEW PODCAST IS OUT! And I've re added it after it disappeared from my earlier mishap. Find it here, and he talks with Leilani Bush, The Joyful Medium. Leilani is a bright light of positivity in this world, but that hasn't always been the case. Through ups and downs, losses of loved ones, and career changes, Leilani now uses her work to help others find their positive frame of mind. She has left the corporate world for the spiritual one, and as a medium, reiki practitioner, and tarot reader, she helps her clients find peace and understanding in their lives.

YOU MAY WANT TO WAIT ON YOUR COSTA RICA TRIP As the country is shutting down all non-essential businesses for a week to curb the uptick in cases straining its healthcare system. They have also asked the US for vaccine donations. I hope we can come through for them!

WE HATE TO BE KEPT WAITING And a recent study showed that 2 our of 5 Americans thinking being kept waiting when someone is late is socially unacceptable. I'm sorry, what the heck is wrong with the other 3 of 5? When is it ever okay to keep someone waiting? Trick question, it's not. But how late does someone have to be to be considered late? Apparently 13 minutes. I'm a ten minute person, but I'll leave at the 20 minute mark. I HATE being late. HATE IT. Maybe because I've always had jobs that you simply can't be late for.

YES, THE COVID VACCINE DOES PRODUCE ANTIBODIES I learned something the other day about what is keeping people from getting the vaccine. They don't have all the information they need or they are relying on bad intel. Case in point, on my Facebook page, someone made this comment:

neither the mRNA vaccines nor J&J cause the production of COVID antibodies; so, the vaccines do not deliver traditional immunity - the provide resistance acting as a primer or boost for your immune system. As a result, you can and likely will still get COVID if you’re exposed to it, but your body will react better to it. Wearing a mask is considered to be a measure to prevent transmission, of course, and is still needed even with the vaccines.

All vaccines either introduce dead virus, a piece of a dead virus or mRNA that instructs your body to create a mimic of the virus in order to kick your immune system into gear. The mRNA vaccine tells your body to produce protein cells that mimic the spike on Coronavirus to your body fights against those spikes, thus preventing infection on a grand scale should you be exposed. After the vaccine you will have antibodies specifically to fight covid's spike protein so it can't attach to your ACE cells. Read more about how vaccines work here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAN THE SLOTH! The oldest sloth in captivity turns 51-ish today! He lives in a zoo in Germany and he is the oldest sloth in captivity, though his exact birthdate is not known. No parties for Jan though, he's too shy for that. Check out his adorable photo here.

PROFESSOR JOHN EASTMAN IS GETTING READY TO SUE CU Why? Because after he appeared at the January 6th rally for Trump, they stripped him of his courses and pretty much maligned his name. To be clear, he participated in the peaceful rally, not the riot at the Capitol, but that didn't matter to CU. He's filed notice of his intent to sue and I must say, I think he has a very, very good case. I would fully expect CU to try to settle this assuming he's interested in settling. They did him wrong and I'm glad someone is holding them accountable.

LOTS OF COLLEGES ARE REQUIRING VACCINES TO COME BACK IN THE FALL And this is isn't surprising or unexpected. We'll see how many students apply for some sort of waiver but I'm guessing this will go by with pretty much no argument. CSU, CU-Boulder and CU-Pueblo are already on record as requiring vaccines for fall, and Colorado College has as well. I'll be shocked if there are any public universities that don't require it.

HANGING LAKE IS BACK OPEN BUT DON'T THINK YOU'RE GOING TO JUST DROP BY Because the reservations system is up and running and you've got to have a permit to visit. Find out more here.

CHSAA JUST GOT SLAMMED WITH A HUGE JUDGEMENT Luckily for the basketball coach who got the shaft by the Colorado High School Activities Association, he is black. That way he could sue under civil rights law for being fired after CHSAA made some shady decisions about an athlete's eligibility that lead to his firing. Now he's won $2.5 million bucks. I hope more people sue. If we can't get rid of CHSAA through political pressure, bankrupt them. I'm fine with that.


COVID IS LEADING MANY TO RETIRE EARLY This article is very interesting because though it will be a shock this could be a huge boon to the younger people who have had a tough time since getting out of college. People with retirement accounts, savings and investments are checking out earlier than they initially planned, as financial planners are seeing more of a "life is short" attitude take hold. I wonder if any of you are doing this?


IT'S DELICIOUS AND TRADEMARKED The famous bourbon and pecan pie served in Louisville is called Derby Pie and it's made by Kern's Kitchens based on an old family recipe. I've met the President Alan Rupp and he's a great guy. But don't try to use the label "Derby Pie" on any of your confections or he will sue you. He even tried to sue the (garbage) newspaper in Louisville over a headline. He lost. But don't try to call YOUR pie a Derby Pie. Just don't.

NEW STUFF TO STREAM And some of this looks really good. We'll be watching The Mitchells vs The Machines this weekend for sure.

EVEN SENATE DEMS DON'T THINK BIDEN IS DOING ENOUGH AT THE BORDER And they happen to be from the state most deeply affected by all this, Arizona. Senators Mark Kelly and Krysten Sinema have expressed their concern and disappointment at Biden's actions on the humanitarian crisis he created at the Southern border.

YOUNG PEOPLE NOW MAKE UP THE MAJORITY OF COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS And this is why I have changed my position on younger folks getting the vaccine. They are still less likely to need hospitalization, but it is happening at a much higher rate than before. A new study also shows that obesity is an even bigger issue for young people with covid than older heavy people, with more of them ending up in the hospital from the disease. Will this inspire us to maintain a health weight?

3-D HOUSE PRINTING IS BECOMING A THING And I think this is super cool. A 3-d printed concrete house can be constructed in just 120 hours. Then it can be shipped to wherever it is going to live. It's happening in the Netherlands now.