Mandy's Mon Blog: Governor Scott Walker and CHSAA is Being Mean

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FORMER GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER ON THE SHOW AT 2PM He's working to cancel cancel culture and he's got a plan. It's called The Long Game and he joins me today to discuss it. Read this article for more information. Get a copy of The Long Game by clicking here!

WHY IS THE COLORADO HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATION BEING A JERK? The rules for student athletes in Colorado CLEARLY say that if you transfer to another school, you must sit out 365 days before competing for another school. So why are they trying to punish one female athlete when she is CLEARLY following the rules? They seem to be punishing her for seeking in person learning this year. I have attorney Ivor Raykin on today to talk about the case. Read more here. He's on at 1pm.

UNAFFILIATED VOTERS MAKE UP THE LARGEST PARTY IN COLORADO And it's not even CLOSE. One has to wonder why people don't want to be officially associated with either party. And one must also wonder why we can't seem to do away with the two party system that is so entrenched in our state when it's obvious neither party represents even a fraction of the overall electorate. One would wonder.

CAN'T CONVINCE THEM? FINE EM! That seems to be the message with a new bill about Native American mascots. Rather than working with tribes and schools to create a deeper understanding and perhaps a good relationship that could lead to positive Native American representation in schools, there is a bill to fine any school with a non-tribe-approved mascot $25,000 a MONTH until they change it. Where do these politicians think this money is going to come from? These are public schools we're talking about really. This is just dumb.

HOW CAN SOMETHING BE BIPARTISAN WHEN ONE SIDE REFUSES TO PARTICIPATE? Constitution Week in Grand Lake is just cool. An entire week dedicated to speakers and fun and the greatest founding document ever conceived. Well some in Grand Lake think it's a GOP rally because some of the recent speakers. But the founder of the event actually carries a list of Democrats and progressives he's invited over the years who have turned him down flat. Trust me, I have this issue ALL THE TIME. We invite, they say no, and then they use the fact that no Democrats are on the show as an excuse to say no. I know how this merry-go-round works. Now Grand Lake, which has given a $5000 grant to Constitution Week previously is considering NOT giving the grant. Why? Because it's too one-sided. See how this works? The real issue is John Eastman. He was the speaker (and the Visiting Conservative Scholar at CU-Boulder) who had the nerve to give a speech on January 6th in DC at Trump's rally. This is from the article:

Susan Newcomer, chair of the Grand County Democratic Party, recalled that local Dems were once optimistic about Constitution Week.
She even remembered an “unofficial Democrat representative” working on planning a few years ago — before he quit.
Newcomer also helped secure Constitution Week’s keynote speaker in 2018 by inviting her ex-husband, David Garrow, a retired, liberal constitutional law professor and Pulitzer-prize winning biographer.
“The D’s in the county were optimistic about the future,” Newcomer said via email. “We were hopeful about getting Democratic issues out to a traditionally more conservative population in the county, and to help with community support. At least we felt we were not going to be frozen out.”
But then came Eastman, his letter to the editor and his efforts to work his way onto Trump’s defense team.
“That did it for the Democrats and Constitution Week,” Newcomer concluded.

So the Democrats decided because one speaker they hate spoke there once, they are DONE. I think it's more likely that they realize most Democratic plans for the county fly in the face of what the Founders intended, but that's just me. I'm going to get the founder of this on the show to discuss. This makes me ANGRY. By the way, this event brings a crap ton of money into Grand County's coffers and they know it.

THE COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF LABOR IS TOTALLY RACIST...LITERALLY JIM CROW RIGHT NOW Because they are forcing Coloradans to prove their identity before getting access to their unemployment benefits. Since I've learned from Democrats that asking black people for identification is hopelessly racist to vote, I can only assume that asking for identification for this is also racist. Because I've also learned from Democrats that black people don't have id because they are too incompetent to get one. By the way, 75% of Americans support voter id now. Seems to me only people who want to cheat at some point don't.

THE WHITE HOUSE'S ALTERNATIVE FACTS ON THE GEORGIA VOTER LAW ARE TAKEN AS GOSPEL BY THE PRAVDA MEDIA Apparently the media which was so keen to unearth every untruth in the Trump administration is too exhausted to continue such fact checking under Their Man Biden. The White House has been blatantly lying about what's in the Georgia voter law and they know it, yet the media, save a few outliers who have been bold enough to call out the lying, have been repeating the lie over and over again so it becomes true in the minds of the voters. Yet another example of how far the legacy media has fallen in its effort to help Their Man Biden and Democrats.


MY FRIEND KELLY HAS A BABY GOATS And this little girl was born prematurely but Kelly nursed her into her cute little simply jumping goat self.

NURSING HOMES HAVE SEEN A 96% DROP IN COVID SINCE VACCINES WERE GIVEN And though this may have been because the virus ran its course it certainly seems more likely that the vaccines are highly effective in the most vulnerable group for Covid. This is GREAT news.

CBS ACTIVELY POLITICALLY LOBBIES COMPANIES TO BOYCOTT GEORGIA WHILE KEEPING THE MASTERS Nothing about this is surprising. After MLB decided to pull the All-Star Game out of Atlanta there is a BIG PUSH by Democrats to pull EVERYTHING out of the state. CBS got on board with this, even publishing a story whose sole purpose seems to be pushing companies to boycott. However when asked directly if they had given up the lucrative contract for the PGA's Masters golf tournament they demurred. Seems they don't want to give someone else to take ownership of what is likely the most profitable golf television event every year.

APPARENTLY BEING GOOD AT INSTAGRAM DOESN'T TRANSLATE TO BEING A GOOD CONGRESSPERSON Because AOC, queen of the Insta, has been named one of the LEAST effective legislators in Congress.