Mandy's Thu Blog: I Am the WORST At Staying Mad and It's OPENING DAY!!

IT'S OPENING DAY AND I AM TRYING TO BE MAD Because like many other Rockies fans I am still SUPER salty about the Nolan trade and everything that has happened and HASN'T happened with the Rockies organization but DANG IT I am still SO EXCITED for this season. I love the game of baseball, even played badly. I even got new shoes for this season. I've decided that this movie quote explains how I feel about the Rockies right now.

But I don't. I'll cheer for them again this year. I'll be mad again when Trevor Story goes on to do great things for a team that cares about winning a World Series. But I'll still cheer. This must be what it's like to be a Cubs fan. I'd love to know what movie quote fits your feelings about the Rockies this year. Or which baseball movie is the best analogy. Our PreGame coverage starts at 1:30!

NOT INTO BASEBALL? LISTEN TO GRANT'S NEW PODCAST I listened to this episode this morning and even though I count The Wine Yogi among my good friends, I learned something about her I did not know! It's a great podcast, find it here.

LOOKING FOR SOME EASY APRIL FOOLS JOKES? I am not a prankster. I used to be more so when I lived with roommates because the possibilities are endless there. Here are some fun ideas that are not that difficult to pull off.


SCIENTISTS CAN PLUCK DNA OUT OF THE AIR NOW And though they keep talking about the ramifications of this for scientists studying all manner of creature in all manner of places, how can you not immediately think of law enforcement applications? Not saying DNA plucked from the air will convict someone, but if it can place them at the place of the crime, that seems like a big deal. Read more here.


CHILDREN ARE IN CAGES AND THE PRAVDA MEDIA IS OBSESSED WITH DOG POO And if you really want to read more, just click it. They spilled a million words on dog poo, very little on dog bites, and even less on the border crisis. At least that's how it seems.

AOC JUST NOTICED THE KIDS IN CAGES And while she condemned the conditions that children are being housed in, she went out of her way to blame US foreign policy for the mass migration of Central Americans. She did NOT however note that El Salvador, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Honduras are all SOCIALIST nations. If socialism is such a utopia why is it not working???

GUESS WHAT? SURVEY SHOWS THAT POLITICAL MESSAGING IS DRIVING PEOPLE AWAY FROM SPORTS And I think the 11% in this poll is straight up lying. They say they are watching MORE sports because of the political messaging. That's just a lie. The real news is that almost 35% of sports viewers say they are watching LESS sports because of the injection of politics. That's a big number.

It's a short show and we'll be back to a heavier blog tomorrow. Enjoy Opening Day!