Mandy's Wed Blog: Let's Check In With Restaurants, Shall We?

RESTAURANTS ARE OPENISH AGAIN And I've got Blake Street Tavern's Chris Fuselier on today to discuss how his industry is handling the often confusing and non sensical lifting and inflicting of restrictions doled out by the Governor. He's on at 1:30.

DAVE IS ON THE HUNT AGAIN As he has found evidence of another dastardly mouse invasion. He's too fired up about this to not talk about it on the show.

WHAT AUTHORS DO YOU LOVE? I have committed to myself to read for pleasure again. It's been YEARS since I read something not work related, unless I'm on a plane and I buy a book at the airport. I need suggestions for good authors. I love John Irving, John Grisham and Alice Walker and prefer books that have interesting characters doing interesting things. Big plus if they are Southern literature. Help a sister out!

NOW I'M OFFICIALLY CONCERNED If the Democrats take control of the Senate, as it looks like they are going to do, I am concerned about the next two years and what sort of nonsense the Dems will shove down the throats of the American people. And this loss is 100% Trump's fault. He owns it. He isn't a Republican who truly cares about the country, he's a self absorbed narcissist who cares about the country. And he blew this Senate race for this country in a big, big way. It's going to be interesting to see how far left the Progressive wing of the Democratic party tries to push it in the next two years.

KEN BUCK IS CORRECT ABOUT CONGRESS OVERTURNING THIS ELECTION And to hear so many Republicans demanding that members of Congress crap all over the Constitution is just depressing, but here we are. Buck, on the other hand, is making the argument that the Constitution does NOT give Congress the right to substitute it's wishes over states that have properly certified their elections. He is spot on. He sent a letter to the Speaker of the House and Kevin McCarthy saying the same. We'll see what happens today. Rep. Ken Buck at 1.

OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM IN COLORADO NEEDS SUNSHINE And Jon Caldara did an excellent column here about how bad it is. I had no idea that all of the information surrounding judges being disciplined was hidden from the public. This is an issue we all need to get behind regardless of party.

AURORA MAYOR MIKE COFFMAN LIVED ON THE STREETS FOR A WEEK And the story will be aired tonight at CBS. I think this is interesting and I'm interested to see what his takeaways are.

NO CHARGES WILL BE FILED IN THE JACOB BLAKE CASE And the DA in Wisconsin spent an hour yesterday walking everyone through the facts of the case while explaining why the officers who shot Blake will not be charged. It's interesting and sure does not do the Black Lives Matter any favors. Blake was armed, he resisted arrest for a felony domestic violence warrant, he was trying to steal a rental car belonging to the woman who called 911 in the first place and he turned towards officers with a knife as he tried to get into that car. THAT is what the evidence shows. Oh, and his denials that he didn't know why he was being arrested were destroyed by his own text messages and computer searches. I believe there are cases where black people are treated unfairly, but this is not one of them. Jacob Blake is an abuser who had previous armed run-ins with police, he is not some hero worthy of admiration.

CHINA HAS ARRESTED THE POLITICAL OPPOSITION IN HONG KONG And I can hardly wait to see what Social Justice Warrior LeBron James has to say about this one. Fifty three members of the opposition were rounded up after committing crimes such as participating in pro-democracy meetings. This isn't all that has happened as the Chi-Coms squash the formerly free island of Hong Kong:

The arrests are part of Beijing's attempt to crush dissent in Hong Kong, which had long been semi-autonomous under China's "one country, two systems" policy. When a vague national security law was imposed in June, many Hongkongers feared it would give China cover to undermine the political freedoms they had long enjoyed. Since then, there have been steady, gradual encroachments: Public universities have culled dissident faculty members, police have arrested the pro-democracy media entrepreneur Jimmy Lai, and protesters who attempted to flee by boat to Taiwan have been sentenced to prison. This latest crackdown sends an even bigger message.

Our elections may be jacked up, but at least we aren't arresting candidates. Yet.

BEAN DAD BACKED DOWN AFTER BEING ATTACKED BY THE TWITTER MOB And this is just so, so wrong. If you missed my dramatic reading of one dad's tweet about letting his daughter struggle to open a can of beans while trying to figure out how to work a can opener, it was delightful. Funny and silly, obviously so to me. But the internet sucks and the people on the internet suck so he was forced to take down his entire Twitter account and apologize. Lenore Skenazy writes about the aftermath here.

I HAD NO IDEA VASECTOMIES WERE POLITICAL But this article lays out the myriad of ways they are. From being sign of gender equality or being eschewed in nations where machismo rules, I had no clue there was so much intrigue around a simple procedure.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE IDEAS OF THE ENLIGHTENMENT ARE TRANSLATED INTO ARABIC? This is very interesting and could mean the beginning of an Enlightenment for the Middle East.


PEOPLE ARE LEAVING NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY And not in insignificant numbers. Read more here.

HOW DO YOU KEEP HOMEMADE TREATS FRESH? Store bought baked goods last forever because they are full of nasty chemicals and preservatives. If you've ever been frustrated by how quickly your more healthy treats go bad, here's some good info for you!

THIS STORY SHOULD MAKE US ALL WONDER HOW MUCH WE COULD BE DOING? A group of prisoners who were involved in a Prison Book Club set up by a local school decided to raise money from other inmates to create a scholarship fund. These inmates, some of whom make eight cents an hour, raised $32,000 in three years by donating their work salaries to the fund. It's a great story that will restore your hope in humanity.

AND YOU THOUGHT YOUR BLIND DATE WAS BAD Remember The Dating Game? The show where a contestant chose from three eligible bachelors or bachelorettes to win a date? Imagine winning a date with a serial killer. It could have happened, as one was on the show in the 1970's. While he was busy murdering women, btw.

THIS IS A GREAT TED TALK ABOUT UPPING THE DESIRE IN YOUR LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP Keeping things sexy in a long term relationship takes work and this woman explains how to make that happen.

I DO NOT LIKE CANADA GEESE And this video is why. That and they poop everywhere. These people laughing are horrible people.