Mandy's Fri Blog: Movies, Prop 117 and Amy Coney Barrett's Confirmation!

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WRAPPING UP OUR INITIATIVE TALKS TODAY With a discussion on Prop 117 which would close a loophole in the Taxpayers Bill of Rights that has been exploited by politicians to raise taxes on us without our permission. I'll have Michael Fields, Executive Director of Colorado Rising Action on to say why you should vote yes on this. We invited the official other side to come on too, they refused. He's on at 12:30.

WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM JUSTICE AMY CONEY BARRETT? I'll have attorney and former GOP State Rep Cole Wist on for a discussion about Coney Barrett at 1.

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES IS BACK AT 2 And we're talking about the new Robert DeNiro movie The War with Grandpa And I think Dave will be shocked to find out I liked it. It's a sweet family movie that isn't going to win any awards but it deals with something we all deal with as our parents age, though our parents aren't Robert DeNiro.

ABOUT THOSE "WHITE SUPREMACISTS" WHO WERE GOING TO KIDNAP GOVERNOR WHITMER Whoopsie daisy, they aren't white supremacists at all. They are anarchists who hate law enforcement. Huh. I wonder if this will get as much press as the white supremacist storyline did.

GREELEY SENIORS REVOLT AGAINST LOCKDOWNS And this is heartbreaking and I hope the Governor pays attention. I've gotten email after email about what's happening to seniors living in care facilities during covid. People are deteriorating at an alarming rate and there is nothing these places can do to make it better. When an older person is holding a sign that says "I’d rather die of COVID than loneliness" can we please pay attention?

WHY AREN'T PEOPLE WATCHING SPORTS? I know why I'M not watching sports (click here if you want to see why) but this author does a deeper dive into why viewership has plummeted. He cites multiple reasons and they make sense, but he doesn't really address why sports viewing in Europe is UP while we are WAY down, facing the same restrictions.

NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR GENDER REVEAL SO PLEASE PICK UP YOUR DANG GARBAGE JeffCo went public with it's dismay at leftover gender reveal garbage and this makes me so mad. Tiny pieces of paper ARE GARBAGE even if you used them to announce the gender of of your bouncing baby-to-be. Stop acting like garbage and PICK. IT. UP.

JOE BIDEN IS GOING TO PACK THE COURT BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO ELECT HIM BEFORE HE'LL ADMIT IT And this idea is such a loser overall that Biden literally REFUSES to answer it when asked directly OVER AND OVER again. So that's a yes. Read more here.

AN OFFICE PRANK SHUTS THE OFFICE DOWN And I love this. A guy was inspired by a prank from The Office. He put a bluetooth speaker in the ceiling and used it to play sounds of cats for eight hours. Other workers got concerned and called maintenance and they spent three hours trying to find the cats in the office. He says the speaker was found and no one knows who put the speaker there.

A QUICK VIDEO ON LESSONS FROM SWEDEN Please share it far and wide.

QUICK OVERVIEW OF WHAT SWEDEN DIDhare with everyone you know. Share with everyone you know. (



WHAT ARE WE GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN? Nothing exciting in this list but here you go.

SHOULD THE T REX AT THE DENVER SCIENCE MUSEUM BE REPOSITIONED? Today I got this really great email. It even had photos.

Dear Mrs Connell,
It has alway bothered me going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to enter to see the giant Tyrannosaurus rex.  
Not the size but the posture of the skeleton. 
The T-rex is upright, tail-dragging posture, like the original 1905 description of this famous dinosaur. 
In 1905 the dinosaur’s spine sloped at an angle of 57°. Modern illustrations tend to depict the dinosaur with a vertebral column held between 0 and 10° in respect to a flat surface. Reconstructions of the dinosaur in most of America’s major museums have been adjusted into more accurate poses except Denver's Museum.
Here is an article I found on the newest scientific description of T-rex
Is there a way to discuss this or get in contact with the individuals at the museum?
I know this is a low priority for nearly everybody but it may be a good talking point on your show.
Thank you 

It's really an excellent question, don't you think?

NOW PROPER ENGLISH IS RACIST And this kind of crap INFURIATES me. If you want to sow even more division, do away with the notion of a common language. A common language is one of the things that binds us together. Now progressives are arguing that teaching black children to use proper English an "annihilation of Black culture". SERIOUSLY??? I used to help some kids who were black with public speaking. The FIRST thing I told them is that I was teaching them to communicate in any situation with any person, but they could feel free to speak however they wanted when they were with their friends and family. It's like being bilingual in a way, which is something to be celebrated. They got it. Too bad the idiots in this article don't.

THESE APPS CAN HELP YOU READ FASTER, BUT THEY DON'T HELP YOU READ BETTER Want to read a couple of books this week? There's an app for that. Multiple apps for that. But reading fast isn't the same as reading well, so if you're tackling some weighty content, speed is not the thing to focus on. If you're reading fluff, knock yourself out.


RIP WHITEY FORD The pitching great has passed away and Dave is in mourning. Here's a great story with Yogi Bera.