Mandy's Wed Blog: Ballot Initiatives and a Veep Debate Preview

WE'RE TALKING BALLOT INITIATIVES TODAY At 12:30 it's the Family Leave Bill and I've got Colo. State Rep. Matt Gray for Yes and Dave Davia for No on Prop. 118 Paid Family and Medical Leave. I am a FIRM no on this, but I will merely moderate (and not like Chris Wallace) this short debate.

WHAT ARE THE SECRETS OF GENIUS? My 1pm guest has a new book called The Hidden Habits of Genius:Beyond Talent, IQ, and Grit – Unlocking the Secrets of Greatness" and it is OUTSTANDING and you should buy it here. Why is Steve Jobs able to create Apple? How do scientists discover new medical treatments? Dr. David Wright has been teaching a class on genius for years and this book is a very interesting dissection of the habits of people he (and I) define as genius. It's really, really good.

SO WHAT ABOUT AMENDMENT B? This would repeal the Gallagher Amendment that keeps private property taxes low. I've got Kent Thiry, C0-chair of yes on B and Linda Gorman, Independence Institute: No on "B" for a short debate on this very important subject. I am a firm NO on this as well.

DON'T FORGET THE VP DEBATE TONIGHT We're airing it live here on KOA starting with Michael Brown teeing things up at 6 before the debate at 7.

SPEAKING OF MY CHOICES ON BALLOT INITIATIVES You can find my ballot initiative guide here.

WHY AREN'T BUSINESSES FIGHTING THE FAMILY LEAVE BILL WHICH WILL CRIPPLE THEM? Jon Caldara asks the question here and it's a good one. If you are a business owner trying to keep the lights on during covid, you must fight this bill. Must.

ONE LARGE MINISTRY IS SUING THE GOVERNOR And I think they have a very, very good case. A ministry in Woodland Park is suing over the violation of their religious freedom over the Governor's arbitrary limits on how many people can attend a service. They make the case strongly that since no mask mandates were enforced during protests, the Governor is picking favorites on whose rights he violates. They have a very good point and they are well-funded enough to pursue this.

TRUMP SAYS HE'S DECLASSIFYING EVERYTHIG ABOUT THE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION And this should be a ton of fun. This article lays everything out, but what we know right now it NOT flattering for Obama, Hillary and whole cabal who allowed a political campaign to dictate what the Obama DOJ investigated. This is such a scandal but no one will pay the price.

Y'ALL, GAVIN NEWSOME HAS LOST HIS DAMN MIND Now the Governor of California is telling people to wear a mask in between bites at a restaurant. So let me get this straight. In between bites of food that you are putting in your mouth, you are supposed to continually touch your potentially germ infected mask before you then touch your utensils, the table and everything else. This is just mind blowingly stupid. If you are THAT concerned about covid, you probably shouldn't eat out right now. Or just have it delivered. Check out the graphic, lest there be confusion:

SINGAPORE IS PAYING PROSECTIVE PARENTS TO GET KNOCKED UP During the coronavirus pandemic. The Government of Singapore is offering a stipend to couples who are putting off having a baby because of economic uncertainty. If only they paid for the ENTIRE child experience.

BIDEN'S ECONOMIC PLANS WOULD RAISE TAXES AND STILL RUN A HUGE DEFICIT This according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget who analyzed both the spending and tax plans by the candidates. From the article:

Joe Biden's proposed policies would increase taxes by about $4.3 trillion over 10 years while President Trump's would decrease tax revenue for the government by about $1.7 trillion, even as Biden's overall fiscal agenda would likely increase the federal deficit slightly more than Trump's

Elections have consequences.

WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS? If you've ever wondered why governments would be doing this us during coronavirus.

THIS WILL GET YOU IN THE FEELS A grandfather feeling melancholy about playing ball with his kids and grandkids left some balls and a note at some batting cages and is it dusty in here? Something is in my eye.

HOW DOES A LEFT LEANING COLLEGE DROPOUT MOVE TO THE RIGHT? This is a beautifully written column by a man who owns his own farrier business in California. He's 27 now, but recounts his journey from brainwashed college student to small business owning, libertarian leaning person. It's really worth your time.

THE THOUGHT POLICE HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED ON COLLEGE CAMPUSES And this article is downright chilling if you ask me. One college has a particularly troublesome tenured professor who does research and arrives at politically unpopular opinions. So now his colleagues have decided to police his work based on political ideology. It works like this:

The actual process approved by the political science department is chilling: a single faculty member with an axe to grind against another can propose a statement of condemnation against the other’s extramural statements. The statement is secretly sent to, first, the department head, and then to all other faculty except the one who is under attack. The decision to proceed is made according to a consensus of the department, without the controversial member’s knowledge.

Does this sound like something a free and open society will or should accept? Or does it sound like it's dropped straight out of the KGB handbook or an Orwell novel? These professors are teaching the next generation RIGHT NOW.

JOHN STOSSEL IS BEING CENSORED BY FACEBOOK NOW And this is insane because he as much of a straight shooter as anyone working today.