Mandy's Tue Blog: Here Comes the Mayor!

DENVER MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON AT 1 And we're talking sanctioned homeless camps and Denver Ballot initiatives. Here is a list of the Denver ballot initiatives if you'd like to check them out.


TWO OF MY FAVORITE MEN TALKING ABOUT A MOVIE EVERYONE SHOULD SEE My pals Steffan Tubbs and Jon Caldara sat down to talk about Denver in Decay. Watch it by clicking here, but watch this interview first.

IS A MOSTLY FAIR MEDIA GOOD ENOUGH? John Stossel says no. And he's right.

THE GUY FEATURED IN THE PROJECT VERITAS VIDEO SAYS HE WAS SET UP But I watched him on video and he did himself in. He now says he was offered a bribe by Project Veritas to lie and say he was harvesting ballots for Ilhan Omar. I frankly don't believe him. But you can read his double talk here. The television station did it's part by linking to rumors to discredit Project Veritas.

PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCED A SOCIALIST UTOPIA NOW RUNNING TO VOTE FOR TRUMP And I'm talking about Florida Cubans, many of whom came to Florida after the Glorious Revolution with Fidel Castro which ruined their nation. They know the lie of socialism first hand, and they are planning on voting for Trump in droves. Biden laughed off the suggestion that he was a socialist, but the platform he has endorsed is the Progressive Wish List for a Socialist Utopia. Don't be fooled by this.

THIS ENTIRE TWITTER THREAD IS THE BEST THING ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA EVER And you need to watch ALL of these. It started with an Indie songwriting prompt and grew from there. One TikTok video was edited and added to by strangers. These people are all amazing.

IF PEOPLE UNDERSTOOD THE PROPER ROLE OF THE SUPREME COURT AMY CONEY BARRETT WOULD HAVE UNANIMOUS SUPPORT Read this article and then get to cheering as the confirmation hearings next week begin. She is a real Originalist in the style of her mentor Antonin Scalia. I'm excited to see what she brings to the court.

THIS IS ONE OF THE REASONS I LOVE SOUTHWEST The is one of the many reasons I will continue to support Southwest too. The CEO of Southwest says they are NOT going to lay off any employees and that they can make it until at least the end of next year not doing so. United and American just laid off a ton of people. Delta normally doesn't lay off, but they do offer unpaid leaves that people take voluntarily. I love Southwest.


THE NBC BIDEN TOWN HALL WAS PRETTY MUCH AN INFOMERCIAL And it's being panned as such. How does the media not realize they are further destroying their brand every time they do this? Or do they just not care?


WE HAVE 24 OPTIONS FOR A NEW PLANET According to scientists they have found 24 "superhabitable" planets sort of near us. They could be hotter and wetter (oh my hair) but perhaps they will be available when our sun gives up or something.

A GROUP OF SCHOLARS IS ASKING THE PULITZER COMMITTEE TO RESCIND IT'S AWARD FOR THE 1619 PROJECT And the reasons are NOT the MANY documented inaccuracies, but rather the stealth editing of the thing after it came under withering criticism for claiming 1619 was America's "true founding". Read this and if you really want to get all the details click through to the numerous articles and columns linked in this story.

IT'S GONNA LOOK LIKE MAX HEADROOM IS GOING TO CONFIRM CONEY BARRETT As Mitch McConnell has set the Senate Hearing date and it will be part virtual and part live, depending on who shows up and who wants or needs to quarantine. Of course Democrats are saying it MUST be in person and Mitch is having none of that.

THIS COLUMN IS A SCORCHING INDICTMENT OF CHRIS WALLACE And he deserves every word. I don't watch Fox News (or any other cable outlet unless there is breaking news) so I didn't realize Wallace had been doing this kind of crap for so long. I apologize to those of you who did and thought I was crazy for being happy he was going to be a moderator.

YOU CAN NOW LEGALLY COMPOST YOUR DEAD BODY And I think this is cool. Takes that whole "ashes to ashes" thing very seriously. Instead of spending a ton of money on a fancy casket and gross embalming, your body is just put inside a decomposition tube and mixed with straw and some microbes and BOOM, you end up being some very fertile soil. It costs more than cremation but less than a burial. It's only in Seattle right now.

SCIENTISTS FOUND A GENE THAT LETS ADULTS REPAIR SKIN LIKE NEWBORNS This is really, really cool. Using a gene technique scientists were able to re activate the gene that helps us grow hair and new skin when we are babies. Of course they did in mice, but whatev. When they turned the gene back on, mice were able to regrow skin without scar tissue. It even grew hair and had goose bumps, which scars do not. This is the future of medicine!

IF YOU'VE EVER THOUGHT ABOUT DOING YOUR REMOTE WORK FROM AN ISLAND You want to read this. One thing that I think is a HUGE positive of covid is that we have normalized remote work. What was exotic and special just a few years ago is not commonplace. But if you've thought of pulling up stakes and moving to an island, there are some drawbacks you should know. Like the internet is not good there. Check out an article here.

AH THE INNOCENCE AND STUPIDITY OF YOUTH A college student in the UK had to be rescued by the fire brigade when she tried to crawl into a dryer. Yes, there were drinks involved.

A TRANS MAN TELLS THE TRUTH OF HIS TRANSITION AND IT'S PRETTY BRUTAL And I'm glad he wrote this article about what he went through to make his exterior match what he thinks his interior told him his entire life. It's worth reading. To be clear, he doesn't regret transitioning but is concerned with the push to transition, especially for kids.