Mandy's Fri Blog: Trump Has the Rona, Mental Dynamite, and Sinatra

TRUMP HAS GOT THE RONA And boy howdy are many in the media having a field day with this one. He probably got it from Hope Hicks, who I thought was out of the administration, but whatever. He currently has mild symptoms and he and Melania and all of his aides are now quarantining. The internet has been aflame with all sorts of lefties hoping he dies, including former Hillary and Obama staffers. They probably need him to die because if he gets through this with mild symptoms and comes out in two weeks swinging and saying that SEE all these lockdowns were overblown and he was right to downplay it, it could resonate with some voters tired of having their lives destroyed. We shall see. Here are all the other world leaders who have gotten the Rona.

JON CALDARA IS SUING HIS SON'S SCHOOL DISTRICT Jon's special needs son is suffering DRAMATICALLY because of school shutdowns and forced Jon to take the dramatic step of suing Boulder County schools on his behalf. He's on today at 1 to discuss. Read his column about it here.

MENTAL DYNAMITE IS A MUST READ IF YOU WANT TO MAKE YOUR LIFE ROCK I have never read Think and Grow Rich the 130 million selling book by Napoleon Hill in the 1930's. However I just read this excellent book based on the initial interview with Andrew Carnegie that inspired that book and it is FANTASTIC. I've got the author/translator James Whitaker on today at 1:30 to discuss it. Buy the book by clicking here.

LISTEN THE EXPERTS THEY SAY BEFORE THEY SHUT DOWN EXPERTS THEY DON'T AGREE WITH Yesterday I shared an interview on Spanish television with a doctor who has been on the coronavirus front lines there since the beginning. To say he is cavalier about the virus now is a massive understatement. This column today from shares a bunch of OTHER doctors who are actually treating sick people who say the same thing, that the lockdowns were unnecessary and damaging in ways that will have lifelong impacts. If we're going to listen to the experts, shouldn't we listen to ALL the experts? Just saying.

YOU REALLY SHOULD READ THE DENVER GAZETTE It is a very good online paper. Take today for instance. There is a long article about where we are with the Fair Districting process in Colorado. It's behind a paywall, but here is a link. It's a balanced look at where we are, problems we are having with the census and why and more. It's JOURNALISM. It's lovely.


THE FOUNDER OF BET CALLS TRUMP THE DEVIL BUT HE'S VOTING FOR HIM And technically he didn't call Trump THE devil, but he invoked one of my favorite phrases which is he's voting for the devil he knows rather than the devil he doesn't, who is Joe Biden. He was not a fan of the debate, refused to actually endorse Trump, but still says he's voting for Trump. Watch it here for yourself.

OUR SECRETARY OF STATE THINKS SHE CAN CONTROL THE MEDIA And took to Twitter last night to embarrass herself by trying to put the "national media" on notice about election night. Even Democrats thought her tweet where she asked/demanded that the media not make projection calls about the Presidential race on Election night was beyond stupid. She ended the night by sending out an official statement of apology. What a maroon.

THE SIMPSONS SHOULD TAKE A NOTE FROM SOUTH PARK We talked yesterday about how the tv show South Park offends just about everyone and gets away with it. The Simpsons used to. But then they started bowing to the mob and now they've replaced white voice actors with actors of color and retired characters like Apu that were deemed offensive to some. This column argues it's the wrong move.


MARCH 2020 VS NOW The Q loves the Holderness Family videos and they are funny. This one was a little too accurate.

DID BABE RUTH CALL HIS SHOT? This audio from an old radio interview with Lou Gehrig answers the question.

LOOKING FOR A NEW YORK DELI EXPERIENCE IN COLORADO? This article gives you a list of five great ones and I've only eaten at two of them so now I'm on a mission.

OH HEY THE NEW YORK TIMES JUST REALIZED ANARCHISTS ARE THE PROBLEM And in this column the author shares how even though one reporter went undercover expecting to find Trump supporters and white supremacists stirring up trouble, they found the opposite. From the column:

Mr. Quinn began studying footage of looting from around the country and saw the same black outfits and, in some cases, the same masks. He decided to go to a protest dressed like that himself, to figure out what was really going on. He expected to find white supremacists who wanted to help re-elect President Trump by stoking fear of Black people. What he discovered instead were true believers in “insurrectionary anarchism.”
He says he respects the idealistic goal of a hierarchy-free society that anarchists embrace, but grew increasingly uncomfortable with the tactics used bysomeanarchists, which he feared would set off a backlash that could help get President Trump re-elected. In Portland, Ore., he marched with people who shot fireworks at the federal court building. In Washington, he marched with protesters who harassed diners.
Mr. Quinn discovered a thorny truth about the mayhem that unfolded in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man in Minneapolis. It wasn’t mayhem at all.
While talking heads on television routinely described it as a spontaneous eruption of anger at racial injustice, it was strategically planned, facilitated and advertised on social media by anarchists who believed that their actions advanced the cause of racial justice. In some cities, they were a fringe element, quickly expelled by peaceful organizers. But in Washington, Portland and Seattle they have attracted a “cultlike energy,” Mr. Quinn told me.

So weird that they just noticed this now. The rest of us noticed it a long, long time ago.

WHY WON'T ANYONE TELL US HOW MANY ICU BEDS ARE IN USE IN COLORADO RIGHT NOW? Television station KOAA is trying to report on how many ICU beds are available and not in use in Southern Colorado hospitals. Seems simple enough. But talk about a runaround. They got one BIG time just trying to get those numbers. While they are at it, can anyone tell me why we are still paying for the Convention Center to be set up as a mobile hospital we've NEVER USED???.