Mandy's Thu Blog: Let's Talk Ballot Initiatives with Greg Brophy!

MY PAL GREG BROPHY IS ON TO TALK BALLOT INIATITIVES TODAY And the former GOP State Senator and I are going to talk Big Picture View as Dave is working to get people on both sides of the issues for a deeper dive. He's on at 1 today.

A BUNCH OF CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE AND CITIES HAVE COME OUT AGAINST THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE And you need to vote NO on Prop 113 to kill this beast once and for all. The list of players lining up against it is growing. Here is a good column on who is saying NO on Prop 113.

THE WORLD HEATH ORGANIZATION IS GARBAGE AND UTTERLY USELESS First there is this story from the New York Times. Let me grab the high point for you:

When the coronavirus emerged in China in January, the World Health Organization didn’t flinch in its advice: Do not restrict travel. But what is now clear is that the policy was about politics and economics more than public health.
Public health records, scores of scientific studies and interviews with more than two dozen experts show the policy of unobstructed travel was never based on hard science. It was a political decision, recast as health advice, which emerged after a plague outbreak inIndiain the 1990s. By the time Covid-19 surfaced, it had become an article of faith.
“It’s part of the religion of global health: Travel and trade restrictions are bad,” said Lawrence O. Gostin, a professor of global health law at Georgetown University who helped write the global rules known as the International Health Regulations. “I’m one of the congregants.”

So the next time someone tells me I need to listen to "experts" from governmental organizations I'm going to whip this story out. Now the second story. This is not a new phenomena, but NOW the UN and WHO are going to pretend to care about it. Women in the war torn country of DR Congo are being sexually assaulted and abused by men working for and with the UN, WHO and aid organizations. NOW they say they are "investigating". Y'all this has been going on for YEARS. Read this. Check that date. Here is one FROM 2005. I have no respect for this organization who in 15 years can't protect women who have already had their lives destroyed by civil war. Please don't tell me to listen to these "experts", they suck. Period.

LISTENER JEN HAS A GREAT IDEA FOR THE NEXT DEBATE And she sent me this email yesterday:

The debate was totally shameful and I have some thoughts on what they can do to make the next one better. First, they need 2 moderators which consist of Trump and Biden's grandchildren. Second the live audience will be only children. Lastly, they need to start the debate with the grandchildren reading this statement. Gentleman remember this is your opportunity to speak directly to all of this nation and the world. The world needs to see what the face of America is. You have the chance to get your vision out to everyone unfiltered. America deserves to hear from you what your solutions are and what qualifies you to do this job. Most of all the children of this nation are watching and learning and the last debate was not fit for our young. You will both be given unlimited time to address the nation about your previous debate performance, use your time wisely.


CASE WESTERN UNIVERSITY HAS SET UP CRYING ROOMS FOR TRIGGERED STUDENTS And what might that trigger be? Why the Presidential debate, of course. Read this crap:

Support Space is a confidential safe space for students to have open discussions in a group setting, moderated by University Health & Counseling Services clinical staff. Students can discuss the impact of recent national events, including the presidential debate and upcoming election. 
Support Space is not a substitute for psychotherapy and does not constitute mental health treatment. 

I'm old enough to remember having "discussion" in CLASS after a debate where students talked about what happened like...well...adults. We've ruined this generation with this crap.

I OWE DONALD TRUMP AN APOLOGY In my ire yesterday about the Presidential Debacle, I lit into Trump for not just simply denouncing white supremacists. I knew he had previously, but I didn't know he had THIS MANY TIMES. Watch this.

It was a ridiculous one-sided question and it's been asked and answered quite enough.


THE TELEVISION RATINGS ARE DOWN FOR THE FIRST DEBATE But I would bet money that overall viewership was up. Americans have been cutting the cord (there has been a 15% drop in Americans who have cable) and many of the younger demos simply won't be measured by any Neilson rating. I have been looking and looking for a streaming count, which should be VERY easy to find, and yet nothing. But on the networks, viewership was down.

NO OFFENSE TO THESE DIRECTORS, BUT MOVIE THEATERS ARE NOT SPECIAL A group of Hollywood types went to Capitol Hill to beg Congress for special aid to struggling movie theaters. They have been hit hard by coronavirus, but we all know they were not doing well before the shutdown. Times have changed, people have giant tvs and maybe it's time to thin the herd. I'm sure all of the retail stores and restaurants that have been permanently closed would love this kind of attention.

SOUTH PARK PROVES AGAIN THEY HAVE NO SACRED COWS And their recent pandemic episode ripped everyone, including Trump, very, very hard. It's what they do there over at South Park.

THE ARMY WANTS YOU...TO NAP At least they want their soldiers to nap when they can. It's all part of the modernization of the Army fitness program, and it recommends naps and "spiritual readiness". Does anyone else worry that this is not going to end well?

GET A FREE DONUT BY SHOWING UP AT KRISPY KREME IN YOUR COSTUME And that's really it. Read the details here.

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THIS, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES? A guy was going out for the first time with a woman at a fancy steakhouse. So his buddy decided it was the perfect time to play a prank and called the restaurant to set up a in marriage proposal...on behalf of his buddy. It did not go well, she was not impressed.


THIS SPANISH DOCTOR TOLD THE TRUTH ABOUT COVID CASES And if you're following the international news, you know that cases are rising in Spain. This doctor is not impressed. It's easier to understand with the sound OFF and just reading the subtitles but it's worth the trouble.

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS LIVE STREAM OF A BABY OTTER IN HIS NURSERY Joey the Otter has a BUNCH of videos and you should watch them all. Like this one. He has a live stream on this YouTube channel.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY MUST DIE AND DIE NOW And again, I wish someone else had the stones to take up this battle, but the only one is Donald J. Trump. This is a great article that tells you what it is and why it must die.

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