Mandy's Tue Blog: Why Honesty Should Be Our Only Policy

IN A TIME FULL OF MISINFORMATION AND DISTRUST My guest makes the case for brutal honesty. From the new Plandemic movie to theories about 5G and Coronavirus, the world is full of people clinging to untruths. Why? Because they don't trust their leadership. Peter Kozodoy says they should consider using brutal honesty for a change. Find his book by clicking here and he's on at 1!

DR. FAUCI SAYS NO SCHOOL IN THE FALL And this makes NO sense to me, as we are now learning that children apparently don't spread the virus to ANYONE even if they test positive, especially adults. This is horrible news for many parents who don't have the time or parental bandwidth to keep this up. I also think it will create a HUGE spur in families moving permanently to home school. Why bother with taking orders from a school if you're going to be doing the teaching? But Fauci says we should all be expecting to home school next fall. I am not convinced.

THINKING ABOUT TRADING IN YOUR CAR? YOU MAY WANT TO DO THAT NOW Because Hertz car rental company is perhaps headed towards bankruptcy. What does that mean for your trade in? They could potentially dump over 500,000 cars at once into the used car market. Used car prices will crater, which means your trade in won't be worth what it used to be. Upside, however is that you'll be able to get a screaming good deal on a used car. Consider this the Cash for Clunkers Correction of 2020.

YES HR 6666 IS AS BAD AS YOU'VE HEARD And I'm sure the irony of it's Satanic number isn't lost on some more freedom loving members of Congress. What is it? It's a bill that authorizes an utterly unconstitutional surveillance state under the guise of fighting coronavirus. Imagine this: you're at home minding your own beeswax and there is a knock on the door. "The Authorities" are there and say you've been exposed to coronavirus and must be tested. They demand you be tested or **fill in the blank, there is no specific enforcement mentioned in the bill". So you let them test you, you're positive and they tell you that you can't leave your house for two weeks or *ELSE...again, how do they enforce this??*** This should scare every person in this country. If they can do this for coronavirus, why not the flu EVERY YEAR???

OUR TAX CODE IS MAKING PEOPLE GIVE UP THEIR CITIZENSHIP If you are an American ex-patriot living overseas, you still have to pay taxes on income YOU DON'T EVEN EARN HERE. That is stupid. So whenever I see a breathless headline like this one on Drudge:

Americans renouncing citizenship at highest levels on record...

I always click it. Lots of people will assume it's because Trump, but the reality is most people who give up their American citizenship do so because of taxes. And it's true this year too.

CHRISTIAN TOTO WRITES ABOUT HOW EASY IT IS TO BE A HOLLYWOOD ELITE DURING LOCKDOWN And if you are one of those people who still pays attention to Hollywood you may be discouraged to know that the successful, rich members of Hollywood do NOT approve of those who want to go back to work. One thing coronavirus has taught us is that we really don't need Hollywood to do anything more than make good entertaining content to binge while we're locked in our houses.

THE WESTERN STATES PACT WANTS A TRILLION DOLLARS And that includes Colorado, mind you. I'd love to ask our Governor how much of this money he really thinks Colorado is going to get? It's all about bailing out California. And where do they think this money is coming from? And why not scale back things like full day kindergarten until this passes? I am embarrassed right now for us. Read about this stupid money grab here. I wonder how well this swell relationship between Colorado and California is going to turn out when both Gavin Newsom and Jared Polis announce they are running for POTUS.

DID YOU MAKE YOUR CAMPING RESERVATIONS FOR THIS SUMMER YET? I just did. Not telling where and when though, get your own spaces! Here is more information from yesterday's announcement by the Governor.



AND NOW YOU CAN WATCH A TARANTULA SHED IT'S SKIN And it totally creeped me out so I'm making you watch it.


IS IT TIME TO THROW THE DOORS OPEN AND LET THE CHIPS FALL WHERE THEY MAY? This column makes a very strong case for just doing that. I mean a very strong case. Read it.

LOOKING FOR CLOROX WIPES? THEY'LL BE BACK EVENTUALLY And the CEO was on Good Morning America to talk about why they are having such a hard time keeping up with demand. I would guess that when demand goes up 500% without warning it would cause some issues. She says they should be plentiful by summer.

WILL PSYCHO ON THE BIG SCREEN GET YOU BACK TO THE THEATER? Studios and theaters are banking on it as they try to woo people back into movie theaters with ZERO new released planned. So studios are releasing classics like Jaws, Psycho and the Harry Potter movies back into theaters in the hopes of winning us back. I don't think it will work.

ANTI-SEMITISM IS ON THE RISE ESPECIALLY IN NEW YORK And this past year saw a big spike in anti-Semitic attacks ranging from personal violence to graffiti and harassment. This Reuters story makes sure to note that in the past the ADL has blamed Trump, but oddly don't mention the league of anti-Semitic Democrats and the Left Wing BDS movement against Israel. I'm sure it's just an oversight. Oh wait, I read the press release and it says this:

“It’s clear we must remain vigilant in working to counter the threat of violent antisemitism and denounce it in all forms, wherever the source and regardless of the political affiliation of its proponents,” said Mr. Greenblatt.

So I guess he can call out Trump but isn't quite brave enough to call out members of his own political party by name yet.

WHAT'S A CITIZEN'S ARREST ANYWAY? This article explains the concept of citizens arrest, but know that the laws vary widely from state to state. It's become a thing now since the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, but since we know he wasn't committing a crime, it does not apply to this case, imo. Read more here.

OH PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN FOR FOURTH OF JULY! I'm talking about baseball! MLB is close to finishing a plan to have a shortened season starting the 4th of July. PLEASE let this happen!


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