Step Denver and Being the Best You EVER for Friday!

STEP DENVER IS SO WORTHY OF YOUR HELP We've probably all had that experience. You see someone obviously living on the street begging for money. Your heart strings get tugged because it's cold outside and they look hungry so you give them a couple of bucks, or at least consider doing it. And now you've more than likely fueled someone's addiction that is keeping them on the streets. Step Denver is GETTING MEN OFF THE STREETS by helping them beat those addictions. Don't give a few bucks to an addict, give a few bucks to Step Denver instead. You will save someone's life. They are in today at 1 to talk about it. Donate to them by clicking here!

Come to our 2020 Vision Board party by buying a ticket here!

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS BACK WITH MORE STEPS TO BEING THE BEST YOU EVER! My friend Michelle is a straight talking fitness pro who wants you to be the very best you possible. She even wrote a book about it that you should buy by clicking here. Today we're talking emothing and spiritual health. Don't miss her at 2!

SO THE ECONOMY IS STILL DOING REALLY, REALLY WELL And I can't help but wonder if this is why the Democrats are so hell bent on impeachment. And as I said yesterday, they have to run on something. And since we added a bunch more jobs than anyone thought we would and wages are still ticking up, the economy is off the table for them. It must suck to root against the American people so you can get elected.

THE DEATH OF THE SEX SYMBOL IN HOLLYWOOD This is another fantastic read by feminist and anti-feminist (depends on which wave you're talking about) Camille Paglia on how we've killed the sex symbol and how it's reduced our culture to a mix of sameness and skin. Very, very good read.

IS THERE A RIGHT TO SLEEP ON SIDEWALKS? This case before the Supreme Court is very, very important for the future of our nation. They will decide whether or not municipalities can outlaw camping on city streets. And California has filed an amicus brief DEFENDING the practice and using itself as a stern warning of what happens when cities can't. Watch this one, because it could determine what happens in downtown Denver.


MUHAMMAD IS NOW ONE OF THE TOP TEN BABY NAMES IN THE US And it's been this way around the world for some time, as 150 million men are named Muhammad. And now it's overtaking the US too!

NO, YOU DON'T NEED SUN ON YOUR BUTTHOLE And this is fantastic tale of warning for anyone who decides to follow the advice of an Instagram influencer about anything related to medical stuff. Actor Josh Brolin saw some idiot waxing poetic about "perineum sunning" which is merely a fancy name for exposing your butthole to the sun. I. Could. Not. Make. This. Up. He did, only to find out that the delicate skin in that area WHICH IS NEVER EXPOSED TO SUN burns very, very easily. Idiot.

DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD? LIE TO YOUR KIDS That's what this psychologist says and I have to agree with her.

SHOULD COLORADO STUDENTS LEARN ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST? YES. And there is a bill being floated that would require education about the Holocaust and other genocides. I think the obvious question is: they don't already? Apparently some believe the current curriculum is lacking and point to the rise in hate crimes in our state. It can't hurt, that's for sure. Especially since 2/3 of millennials don't know what Auschwitz is.

UBER HAS A SEXUAL ASSAULT PROBLEM And it's significant. Most of it is unwanted touching or kissing, but some of it rises to the level of forcible rape. Uber says they are working with authorities but I would tell young women this is another area where they need to have their guard up and some kind of defense item in hand when they Uber.


IF BLACK FRIDAY ADS WERE HONEST And oh man, is this spot on.


IF YOU'RE ONE OF THE IDIOTS WHO ORDERED A TESLA TRUCK, YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO WAIT. Because the company has pushed back production by at least a year on both models. Dang, I was looking forward to a good laugh out on the roadways. I'll have to wait for that too.

NO, KAMALA HARRIS'S CAMPAIGN DIDN'T FAIL BECAUSE SHE'S BLACK It failed because she came across as entirely scripted, cold and the base didn't like her stint as Attorney General. She wasn't a good candidate who happened to be a black woman. But you can read the alternate events where her failure is blamed on everything but her here.

DO YOU WAKE UP ON THE PROVERBIAL WRONG SIDE OF THE BED? Apparently a crap ton of you do, as this survey showed that many people have up to 300 days of grumpiness when they wake up. What is wrong with you people? I'm a relatively happy waker upper so I find this hard to believe.

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