It's Back To Work Time on Monday. Altogether Now, BOOOOOOOO.

WHO ELSE OVERLOADED ON CARBS LAST WEEK? Just know I'm with your working off my potato belly this week.

JIM THE FRUITCAKE LOVER, I NEED YOUR CONTACT INFO I mentioned last week that caller Jim, who extolled the virtues of the fruitcake made by Collins Street Bakery in Texas, had caught the ear of woman who is married to an exec in the company. Well they want to make him a Fruitcake Ambassador! Jim, I need your contact info, stat! Give us a call asap.

HOW DO YOU GET UNSTUCK IN THE SNOW? I got this email last week:

Hello Mandy,
I want to talk about saw-dust and getting cars unstuck. I may have brought this up to you already. I live on a hill and my street has that one spot where most cars can't get up - even a 4wd Subaru, like yesterday. I had a little bit of saw-dust in a bucket and threw it under her tires. I used about 2-3 cups of saw-dust to get her up the hill.It don't take much!
Can you please get the word out to everyone to use saw dust, or pose the idea and ask listeners about this - if anyone has done this before? (Or ask a simpler question: "What is your best secret for getting cars unstuck in snow? That has a better radio show sound to it.) . I HAVE NO DOUBTS ABOUT SAW DUST as I have gotten an 18-wheeler unstuck with it, but I understand if anyone is skeptical.
I want to pose this idea to CDOT, but there are ecological concerns of mine. If too much saw-dust is used across a metropolitan area, then it would likely clog the sewer system and, perhaps, build up in areas down there and begin to rot. If that happened then it could create some 3rd-world bio-hazard. So, my idea isn't for CDOT to use it everywhere like sand, but in limited quantities and only on hills. I heard yesterday that Wadsworth was closed down due to a hill. If CDOT could lay down saw-dust in only those troubled spots, then there would not be a lot of it ending up in the sewer system - and it would make everyone's life much better and keep traffic flowing. Can you please bring this idea up the next time you talk with CDOT on your show?

I think this is a great question and one that could pose a useful service to those who just moved here from warmer climates. So?

I'M TRYING REALLY HARD TO LOVE DENVER'S NEW CHRISTMAS TREE MADE OF LIGHTS And maybe it's better in person, but it's just so...cold. Did anyone go see it yet? Maybe it just isn't captured well on tv. Help me out here, people.

DO YOU REALIZE HOW STUPID IT IS TO THINK THAT CAPITALISM KILLS MOTHER EARTH? Four idiot protesters were arrested for protesting at the Cherry Creek Mall on Black Friday. They blocked the road, so they got taken in, which I'm sure just made them all feel like total badasses for protecting Mother Earth. What's utterly moronic about this entire thing is that capitalism gives us the luxury of caring about the environment. Because we have a vibrant economy we can subsidize (and heavily) non-carbon based energy forms. We have the luxury of worrying about pollution and acid rain and all of those other things because everything works SO WELL here because of capitalism. That's why emerging economies pollute WAY MORE than we do (I'm looking at you China and India). Here's a handy economic analysis of the most free economies and the environmental scores for comparison. And here's a fun article that shows how rich and powerful people have done a whole lot to preserve our environment here in the US. These people have zero critical thinking skills.


STEEL MAGNOLIAS IS THE BEST MOVIE ABOUT THE SOUTH EVER MADE I watched it the other day (well at least until Shelby went into a coma because I didn't have time to ugly cry and pull myself together before a show we were going to see). It got me to thinking about whether or not there is a movie that Coloradans feel like really GET Colorado. Or the perfect western that captures the western spirit I love so much.

CAN WE JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT CHICK-FIL-A AND WHO THEY DONATE TO NOW? After Chick-Fil-A decided to announce they would no longer donate to the Salvation Army after a fake campaign by the Gay Mafia to say the Christian organization was anti-gay I guess it was a matter of time before conservatives would data mine those donations to find something to be angry about too. JUST EAT THE DAMN CHICKEN SANDWICHES AND GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, PEOPLE.

WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL AMAZON? I don't hold Amazon responsible for all the crap on their site, but when I see stories like this one I have to wonder if they don't need to have some better system in place. The issue? Christmas ornaments and bottle openers with Auschwitz on them. Yep. Seriously.

I'LL JUST STAY FAT, THANKS A dietician says that eating banana peels may help lose weight. Hard pass.

WE'VE ACTUALLY GIVEN UP EVEN TALKING ABOUT DEFICIT SPENDING And this is the sort of thing that drives me to drink. Since I can't drink before work I'm just going to stock pile gold and hope for the best since both parties would rather spend us into oblivion than not pay off their political cronies.

FAKE NEWS GETS ONE REPORTER FIRED A Newsweek reporter named Jessica Kwong probably thought it was a sweet burn when she posted a Tweet before Thanksgiving making fun of President Trump's Thanksgiving plans. Unfortunately, President Trump jetted over to Afghanistan to spend the day with US troops. Whoops. She's been relieved of her duties by Newsweek.

AND NOW, MORE SH*T SOUTHERN WOMEN SAY Because I watched Steel Magnolias I thought I'd share this with you today.

WHOA. Doctors have brought a human heart back to life for transplant. This is cool.

RUBE GOLDBERG APPARENTLY LIVED IN MAINE As a man was shot and killed by his own contraption he built to prevent intruders into his own home. I can't make this up.

DAVE THE IMPALER IS NOW OBSESSED WITH THE MOUSE TRAP CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE And I just want to have you guys hear how excited he is to talk about it. This is what he just sent me.

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