It's Small Business Shoutout Wednesday!

FORGET BLACK FRIDAY, LET'S CELEBRATE SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY! Ten years ago American Express started a thing they called Shop Small. Shop Small is designed to remind people that small businesses in their communities could use their patronage too. So they declared the Saturday after Thanksgiving Shop Small Saturday and it's been a very successful program since. Find out more about it by clicking here. So to celebrate, we've gathered up some of the most interesting small businesses around to be featured on today's show. Below is all their contact info and websites for you to find them! Enjoy, and even if you don't shop at these businesses, do try to spend your dollars with some local places this year. It makes a HUGE impact on the overall health of our business communities!

WILD WEST MODELS Mike Pyne makes tiny buildings and stuff. He's also REALLY good at it. If you have a train enthusiast in your life, or honestly someone with a mountain town Christmas village, you have to check out his website by clicking here!

Check out these models he brought in!

WISH GIFTS This is one of my absolute FAVORITE places to shop, hands down. I go there for the best unique and fun gifts and you should too. Lisa Figlino has a way of finding the coolest things around. Check them out at any of their locations, which you can find by clicking here for WISH Gifts or here for the W Boutique.

MILE HI POPCORN! I can assure you of one thing: there will be popcorn from Mile Hi Popcorn in many Christmas stockings in my house this year. Julie McGuire makes the best popcorn EVER. This popcorn is RIDICULOUSLY good. Like OH MA GERD amazing. I ate the Dill Pickle popcorn by myself in one sitting and I've dreamt about it since. Find her by clicking here! Check out the loot she brought in for us when she came!

FRANKTOWN FIREARMS FOR THE GIFT OF SAFETY! Karen Murray and Sean Stephens from Franktown Firearms are in to talk about giving the gift of safety and training. Find our more about Franktown Firearms by clicking here!

THIS WINS THE PRIZE FOR THE MOST UNIQUE GIFT EVER: BULLET BOUQUETS And they are EXACTLY what they sound like. And how Anthony Zambai started this little business is fascinating and ridiculous. Find the website to order by clicking here, and here's my little bouquet without the spent shells that are used as "dirt". I added them later.

YOU CAN ALWAYS GIVE THE GIFT OF ART! And Gallery 132 in Monument has gifts at every price point and style. Wendy Wadge asked me to add that they have glass jewelry making classes as well. Check them out by clicking here!

ALO GOODS ARE THE PERFECT NATURAL CHOICE! Kandra Churchwell started out making soap with her daughter and Alo Goods was born. Now she has a huge line of all-natural products which smell divine and are made with only the best ingredients. Order from here by clicking here! Check out these gorgeous gift ideas!


VESSEL DENVER FOR THE ZEN PLANT LOVER IN YOUR LIFE Nan Davey is a woman who loves plants and has created an entire store dedicated to helping people bring greenery onto their scenery. With interesting planters, classes and plants, plus so much more Vessel deserves a stop this holiday season! Find her facebook page by clicking here!

OUTSIDE THE BOX HOME DECOR AND MORE Is where I buy my beautiful planters and lovely candles. It is also owned by Dorn Nienaber (who I called the wrong last name THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW) and our beloved Chris Spears! Find out more about their three locations and the cool stuff they carry by clicking here!

THE EMPORIUM IN CASTLE ROCK Is definitely a new fave of mine too. I wandered through the many booths of small retail shops and Chuck said, "you can't come back here by yourself with a credit card" because it's THAT GOOD. I swear you can find something for anyone in these little locally owned shops. Give them a try, find them by clicking here.

ELIVELIHOOD IS THE BEST GIFT EVER FOR A CAREGIVER I know this isn't a traditional "gift" but I wanted to include them because people are going to be gathered with family and it's the perfect time to talk about how to help aging parents or figure out a better way to manage the schedules for children if you are co-parenting with an ex-spouse. This program is AMAZING. Find it by clicking here and use the promo code MANDY to save on your first month (which honestly is so cheap already it's crazy).


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