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CNN GOES TO VENEZUELA AND WE'VE GOT TO TALK ABOUT THIS  Just yesterday a friend posted a story on Facebook about Norway and said something to the effect of "stop using Venezuela as an example of socialism, when Norway is so much better" or something.  It's convenient to point to another oil rich country as the model, but Venezuela is how most socialist regimes eventually end.  Watch this CNN story:

Did you hear the part about Maduro's former supporters in the slums turning on him now that he wasn't buying their loyalty with food?  Which political party in the US is buying loyalty on the regular now?  Just wanted to point that out.  This is a humanitarian disaster wholly created by lousy government policies.  

COULD A CURE FOR CANCER BE JUST AROUND THE CORNER?   I'll admit that much of the science talk in this article went over my head, but from what I can tell some Israeli scientists have come up with an entirely new way to fight cancer that takes care of two problems.   The first is cancer becoming drug resistant and the second is the ravaging effects of chemo.  Here's hoping they are right and we can end the scourge of cancer soon.  I also can't help but wonder if anti-Semites are going to avail themselves of this treatment?  Seriously.  

THIS IS WHY COSTCO WILL CONTINUE WINNING  I don't know why I found this story so interesting but I do.  I already knew that rotisserie chicken in Costco is what they call a "loss leader".  Something sold at a loss to get you in the door to buy other things at a mark up.  But Costco is dealing with a chicken oligopoly (did you know that was even a thing??) so they are building their OWN chicken farm to raise their own chickens.  Watch this.

THE MEDIA HATES STUPID LYING POLITICIANS UNLESS THEY ARE AOC  Jonah Goldberg nails it with this column which points out that the media is more than willing to admit they might have biases when called out by the Progressive Rising Star Known As Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but bristle when Trump does it.  Because bias.  

WE'VE SPENT A CRAP TON ON READING AND IT ISN'T WORKING This story makes me insane. It's about how Colorado has spent $231 million bucks to help kids in K-3 grade who are below grade level learn how to read . And this part made my head explode:

One issue state officials say they have detected as they monitor the effectiveness of the READ Act is that not all teachers throughout the state are up to date on how best to teach reading.
“There is really a rich bank of research in the science of reading,” Colsman told legislators during one budget briefing. “What I think some of our data is telling us is some of our educators need more support in that science of reading. That is truly an issue that we hear quite a bit from our principals and literacy coaches and superintendents.”
In the 2016-17 school year, 22 Colorado schools joined a pilot program analyzing structured literacy, a program state officials believe could improve reading instruction throughout Colorado. A survey at the start of that pilot program found fewer than half of the 63 kindergarten and first grade teachers participating knew how to teach English language structure.

So teachers who are hired to teach kids things like READING don't know HOW to teach things like READING? Head, desk.

DEAR NFL CHEERLEADERS, YOU'RE TOO DUMB TO KNOW HOW DEMEANED YOU REALLY ARE  That seems to be the message from some nanny nitwits who have decided the NFL needs to do away with cheerleaders because the position is "demeaning".  The problem is actual NFL cheerleaders don't feel that way.   Dennis Prager writes a great column on it here

THIS WOMAN IS HORRIBLE BUT I DO SORT OF FEEL FOR HER A woman on a Las Vegas-New Jersey flight (OF COURSE it was LV-NJ) really showed herself to be a horrible person by the way she reacted to being sat between two heavy set people on a plane . One the one hand, she's truly and awful, heartless person who behaves terribly to two people. On the OTHER hand, I've been that person squished between two big guys so I get her aggravation. But nonetheless, she's still a horrible person. Here is the cell phone video shot by one of the people she was verbally abusing.

LET'S CHAT ABOUT KAMALA HARRIS A BIT, SHALL WE? I find Kamala Harris intriguing. To underestimate her chances of becoming the nominee would be foolish. Just so we're clear, don't assume me finding Harris intriguing means I agree with her on pretty much anything. She is out and about touting how we need Medicare for All and healthcare is a right and blah, blah, blah talking points of the Hard Left. And a story just broke about how she "dated" former Mayor Willie Brown when he was very much married and in a position to help her political career get started. Now lest you think I'm going to talk about the "moral high ground" don't you worry, I know my party put a man of questionable moral character in the White House. I want to talk about consistency and the lie that third wave feminists really believe all women are equal. Buckle up, this is gonna be bumpy.

WILL THE DEMS PRIMARY AOC? Don't think this is really going to happen, k? Word on the street is that Democrats are urging Dems in Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' district to primary her and make her a one-term Congresswoman . As appealing as it may be to one of the local politicians who had been waiting patiently for their turn at that Congressional seat, with AOC's current level of adoration among younger voters this would be a really, really bad PR move for the DNC. Here's hoping they do it!

TEACHERS IN DENVER USE STUDENTS AS PAWNS At least that was my takeaway from one particular section of this story about a student "strike" that spontaneously happened at the EXACT SAME TIME at seven Denver High Schools. WHAT ARE THE ODDS OF THAT?? Also totally weird is that at least one of them was organized by a student named Molly McGrath. From the final two paragraphs:

“I have actually been mortified by what the district is doing,” McGrath said. “I think going into this, it was really a pro-teacher thing, but over the past week, I would say the strike has turned more into an anti-district thing.
McGrath’s mom is a Denver teacher , who she described as “active in all this striking business.”
“I was telling the students this morning about how my mom hasn’t gotten a raise in a decade,” McGrath said. “And I was teaching kids to contact (Gov. Jared) Polis and tell him to stay out of negotiations. I feel like so many of us are so young and many of us can’t vote yet, so that makes people think you don’t have power. But standing in solidarity with teachers and calling Polis is one thing we can do.”

So the girl who set this up on Instagram is also the daughter of a teacher. Super.

LIMITING SOMETHING MAKES IT COST MORE, WHICH IS NEWS TO FORT COLLINS At least when it comes to the housing costs. When they passed an ordinance to limit how many students could live in one house (they didn't SAY students but they MEANT students) it artificially jacked up housing prices because of SUPPLY AND DEMAND. You'd think they could have asked someone at CSU about this basic economic principle.

I STILL HOPE HOWARD SCHULTZ RUNS I don't hope he WINS by any stretch of the imagination, but I do hope he self funds an independent campaign. The former CEO of Starbucks is a kajillionaire who could certainly foot his own bill, but history and political structure are against him. So why do I hope he runs? Because though he may be really, really progressive on social issues, he is a fiscal conservative so far who seems to be the only one seriously talking about the debt. If he runs he would likely force a shift in the focus of the election from the inevitable personal attack circus to issues that matter. Or here's hoping. I'm already tired from this election season that hasn't even started.

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