Oh Monday, Let's GO!

SOMETIMES THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND ISN'T ALL BAD Mike Hess the Founder of the Blind Institute of Technology is on to talk about a super cool fundraiser you need to attend.  He's on at 2 and you can find out more and buy tickets to the February 9th event here

MARIJUANA ISN'T AS INNOCENT AS MANY SAY And I have to thank a listener for sending me this speech about marijuana and mental illness.  It's rather frightening and another reason we need to make SURE our kids know that marijuana isn't just a "harmless plant" and "just like alcohol".  Read this speech here.  It is VERY eye-opening and needs to be talked about. 

DAVE THE INTREPID HAS GONE BAD BOY He came in today wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket with an attitude.  I'll get to the bottom of this today.  

JUST THE FACTS, MAAM, WHEN IT COMES TO OIL AND GAS I read this opinion piece on oil and gas policy in Colorado and I straight up stood up and clapped.  YEEEEESSSSSS.  When we are taking measures to regulate the oil and gas industry, science and facts matter most, not feelings.  For real.  And nothing happens in a vacuum, so we need to do this using our heads, not our hearts.  

I CAN'T IMAGINE WHY PRESIDENT TRUMP SAYS FAKE NEWS IS A THING And that headline is BEYOND sarcasm based on this story alone.  The Guardian posted what must have been an epic hit piece on First Lady Melania Trump (the story is nowhere to be found now on the internet) and had to post an epic retraction AND pay her a tidy sum.  Why does the media keep making it so easy to doubt them?  

THE TV SHOW THE OFFICE SAVES A LIFE And I'm not even kidding.  A mechanic found a woman not breathing in a car and used the advice given Manager Michael Scott on the tv show The Office to do CPR the mechanic had never been trained to do.  She survived.  See if this helps you. 


PLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE, PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEE Friends are saying Hillary won't rule out a run in 2020.  Where can I make a donation?  

NO MORE CANDY HEARTS?  NO WORRIES, KRISPY KREME COMES TO THE RESCUE With heart shaped donuts with messages written on them.  Well played, Krispy Kreme, well played.

COULD THE NEXT RECESSION DO IN COLORADO'S PUBLIC PENSION FUND?  The Pew Charitable Trust says yes.  From Reason.com

"Public pension systems may be more vulnerable to an economic downturn than they have ever been," the trio of researchers concluded in a paper published by the Pew Charitable Trusts in 2018. Deeply indebted pension plans in places such as Kentucky and New Jersey face insolvency if annual returns average 5 percent for the foreseeable future rather than the higher (usually around 7 percent) rates the plans assume. In other words, it won't take much to tip those systems into bankruptcy.

If a major downturn does come, states such as Colorado, Ohio, and Pennsylvania—which are closer to the national average in terms of how well-funded their pensions are—could require "contributions that may be unaffordable" to avoid insolvency.

That is not good news for taxpayers or PERA participants. 

COULD THIS BE THE FUTURE OF COLLEGE?  I sure as heck hope so, as one entrepreneur is starting a no-frills, get it done college experience that is truly a bargain.  Imagine having your bachelors degree in three years at just under 12 grand a year.  Sounds pretty sweet to me.  

AND WITH THIS, THE GENDER REVEAL PARTY HAS OFFICIALLY JUMPED THE SHARK I will be the first to admit I don't like the whole "gender reveal" party.  We get it, you're having a baby and all that, but seriously, just call me when you find out.  And now an Italian restaurant has made it even worse by offering a Gender Reveal Lasagna.  Yep.  You read that right.  Read more about this travesty here

FOX'S LATEST BROADWAY SHOW ON TV WAS  BUST And I'm going to give an unpopular opinion (to some, Dave agrees with me) but I don't like Rent.  I think it's overly woke, self consciously uncaring, and the music is just meh.  I do hope the bad ratings for this one don't submarine future efforts because some of them have been really good. 

THE SAG AWARDS WERE ON LAST NIGHT And I don't even care enough to find a link to the winners.

VOTER FRAUD IN TEXAS IS A REAL THING Which is weird because Texas takes it's voter id laws very seriously.  Now we know almost 58,000 non-citizens illegally voted in Texas in the past decade.  So now what?  

SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL THIS BAKER HE REALLY DOESN'T WANT TO BE IN POLITICS Maybe this guy has been living under a rock, but he says when he made heart shaped cookies for Valentine's Day that say "Build the Wall" on them, he didn't expect a big reaction.  I would feel sorry for him but he truly can't be this stupid, can he? 

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