It's Thunderstorm Thursday with Chris Spears!

I KNOW IT'S SNOWING, BUT IT'S THUNDERSTORM THURSDAY Because I love alliteration and Chris Spears.  He's on at 2pm to talk everything weather!

COLORADO DEMS DON'T CARE WHO YOU VOTE FOR In a rush to make sure a nasty Republican doesn't ever win again by the Electoral College and not the popular vote, Colorado Legislators are working to pass a bill that would give ALL of Colorado's Electoral Votes to whomever wins the National Popular Vote.  This is a travesty and if there are any lawyers looking for a plaintiff willing to file a suit over being disenfranchised, I volunteer.  

THIS IS WHY ALLIGATORS WILL NEVER BE EXTINCT They are called the last living dinosaurs for a reason.  These alligators in North Carolina seem to have an innate sense of when the water is going to freeze so they poke their snouts up and the water freezes around them.  I don't have anything to say about this really, but this is just really cool.  Check out the photo! 

Alligator snout

Alligator snout

DAVID HARSANYI HAS SOME QUESTIONS FOR AOC And I would LOVE it if someone doing a softball interview with her would ask ANY of them.  They won't, of course.  But read this to see them

VENEZUELA IS HEADING TOWARDS A CIVIL WAR NOW Which is the natural progression of things when socialisms nonsense is fully exposed.  The US has decided to back the New Guy, who claimed the mantel of "interim President" yesterday at a big anti-government rally.  The only question left is whether or not Nicolas Maduro gives up without a fight or not.  I'm guessing Or Not.  

SENATOR CORY GARDNER COMES OUT AS WILLING TO FOLD At least on the issue of funding for enhance border security demanded by President Trump.  The best part of this editorial from the Denver Post is this:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky, pledged to allow his members to vote on two bills Thursday and one would fund the government until Feb. 8 without the controversial money for Trump’s wall (it would keep border security funding at the same level). That clean continuing resolution takes the common-sense approach of alleviating the shutdown crisis and then allowing negotiations on immigration reform and border security.

Does anyone really think that a deal will get done if they re open the government? Really?  Then why can't it get done now while it's shutdown?  But I'm sure this will help Cory Gardner's re election chances, which is really what this is all about so don't make this into something noble.  Because it's clearly not. 

I WONDER IF AOC CONSIDERS THIS DYSTOPIAN South African internet blew up with angry comments after a soap opera aired the countries' FIRST interracial kiss.  People were UP-SET and said nasty things online about it.  Contrast this with the commercials in our country.  If I were a martian who was told to learn about life on Earth from commercials in the US, I'd think people of the same race were not allowed to marry.  It's getting ridiculous as companies want to remind everyone of how tolerant and woke they are to market to people who value wokeness and whatnot.  But I think it's a really really good example of how far away we are from the active, intolerant racism that aired it's ugly head in South Africa last week.  Not perfect, but way, way better.  

POTUS CAVED ON THE SOTU And my first thought is, what's his angle?  I'm not alone, Jazz Shaw at wondered the same thing here.  So if you're mad about this, just wait.  I don't know for what, but President Trump rarely disappoints when it comes to negotiating. 

WE CAN ALL LEARN STUFF FROM MIKE ROWE And he learns stuff from all sorts of people.  This is a cool story on three things Mike Rowe learned from the blue collar workers he surrounds himself with.

WHY STOP THERE, NEW YORK, WHY NOT LEGALIZE INFANTICIDE?  New York passed some pretty big abortion legislation that COULD allow a women who is about to give birth to kill her baby in the womb via late term abortion.  Will it?  It depends on the ethics of the doctors there (right now Kermit Gosnell is celebrating, btw because if this law were in place in Maryland he wouldn't be in jail right now). And the mother to be can give pretty much any reason for wanting to kill her FULL TERM BABY and it would suffice.  This is sickening to me.  My big question is, why stop there?  Why not tell moms with new babies who are just TOO MUCH for them that they can put a pillow over the baby's face until they are dead.  It's not crazy, it's a matter OF HOURS difference, right?  And if the mother's mental health is at risk, why not?  If she can terminate a 40 week old baby right before it's born I really see no difference.  Here is a link to real information if you want to read it, but trust me, it will turn your stomach. 

PEOPLE LOVE MEDICARE FOR ALL UNTIL THEY FOUND OUT HOW IT WORKS And there is NOTHING surprising about this.  From a Yes We Love It high of 71% to a It Will Do What low of 26% this poll demonstrates that people love the IDEA of Medicare for All but not the significant drawbacks of the actual plan.  Read the analysis here

WANT TO KNOW WHO AROUND YOU IS IN DEBT?  THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT.  China's new social credit system sounds awesome!  Now they have an app that will show you who within 500 meters is in debt!  Can you imagine?  That's a whole lot of notifications. 

JOHN STOSSEL ON LEGAL POT And as usual, it's very interesting.

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