It's a Vision Friday!

STEPHEN PRESSER IS REPPING CONSERVATIVE VIEWS IN BOULDER As the Visiting scholar in Conservative Thought at CU-Boulder and he's popping in at 2 to discuss a recent column on why things are just so nasty in politics right now.  Read the article here

WHAT THE HECK IS A VISION BOARD AND WHY DO YOU NEED ONE?  Chalk this one up to me wanting you to live your best life in 2019.  My friend and total badass Michelle Zellner is on today to talk about vision boards and why you need to sign up for our Ladies Chit Chat Club event on January 26th from 11 to 1 to make one.  Click here to RSVP but don't wait, we are ALMOST full.  Find out more about Michelle's Better Beings by clicking here.

DUDE, BE CAREFUL IF YOUR KID IS A FORTNITE PLAYER Because we have another case of a sexual predator using Fortnite to target a 17 year old girl.  And the worst part is, this 41 year old scumbag had a 21 year old woman do his grooming for him.  Read this and be careful

SAN FRAN NAN IS ALL KINDA MAD NOW And is trying to say that President Trump put her and others in danger by announcing her "surprise" PR trip to Afghanistan.  Except by cancelling the military transport he cancelled the trip and therefore no one is in any danger.  She's just spitting nails.  He bested her and she knows it.  Hehe.

I THINK OUR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT OTTER SEEMS VERY REASONABLE COMPARED TO THIS A man brought an emotional support ALLIGATOR to a nursing home in Pennsylvania.  My shocked face is because I would have bet money this story would be from Florida. 

SHOULD WE BE ABLE TO DECIDE WHEN WE DIE?  This is a long article about euthanasia and worth the time to read it.  As more and more nations are allowing terminally ill people to make the call about ending their lives there are some issues arising that need to be addressed.  Such as whether or not a person with dementia who signed an order for euthanasia before they fully lose their faculties can change their mind after they do.  This is a tough subject but one I believe needs to be discussed. 

TSA SICKOUTS ARE WHY WE NEED TO PRIVATIZE AIRPORT SECURITY Yes, they are not getting paid.  No, that is not right.  But TSA agents are sicking out during the shutdown and this is just wrong.  If they are the trained professional workforce protecting us from terrorists, they need to act like it.  If airport security was handled by private companies hired by the airlines, this would be a non-issue.  

OREGON'S LEGISLATURE IS OWNED BY PUBLIC SECTOR UNIONS Or how else would they be trying to pass a law that craps all over the Supreme Court's Janus decision which prevents said unions from stealing money from non-members?  It's a clever scheme really, where they just REDUCE the pay of everyone and then write a check to the union for the difference.  I sure hope someone is Oregon is already typing up the legal challenge to this bit of garbage or expect it to spread. 


HOW TO BREAK YOUR NEGATIVE THINKING WITH TONY ROBBINS Let's continue to make 2019 KICK ASS and here's a short video with Tony Robbins to help.


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