OMG I thought Friday would never get here

DO FENCES WORK OR NOT?  The only real way to know would be to find a place that didn't have a fence, then put up a fence and see what happens, right?  Jean Coil lives in Arizona near the border and she's lived there since BEFORE there was any fencing to separate the US form Mexico, which there is now.  We'll find out if she thinks fences work.  She's on at 2.

CNN ACTIVELY IGNORES NEWS IT DOESN'T AGREE WITH Like the news reported on the efficacy of the border wall in San Diego offered by a San Diego news station.  CNN simply chose not to follow up after realizing the station had been reporting on the effectiveness of the wall there. Between this and the Epic Jim Acosta Wall Fail of 2019 this has not been a good day for CNN. 

I'VE GOT TO TALK ABOUT DUDES WHO DON'T WEAR COATS From this story yesterday.  Find it here: This article asks a question I've had for ages: what's up with men who don't wear coats in the winter?  Seriously, why?  I saw a guy running when it was nine degrees with shorts on.  I wanted to yell at him that he was an idiot.  

AOC BURNS JOE LIEBERMAN AND I CAN ALREADY HEARS THE EYEBROWS RAISING One thing I know about politics is that time in it matters.  A lot.  It's why Republicans had Bob Dole and John McCain as nominees to be was THEIR TURN.  Someone needs to explain that to Democratic upstart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who took a shot at former Democrat VP candidate Joe Lieberman on Twitter.  I'm telling you, this is going to be super fun to watch.  And now Democrats are allegedly trying to "rein her in".  Let me know how that works out for you. 

HICK SIGNED TURNED OUR DECISIONS OVER TO CALIFORNIA And I had no idea when he ordered Colorado to adhere to California's emission standards that it wasn't just the standards in place NOW, it's any changes in the future too.  In this story about Republican State Senator John Cooke putting forth a bill to stop this (which will do nowhere in the Dem controlled Legislature) they spell it out:

Last year, Hickenlooper signed an executive order directing the AQCC to adopt rules identical to California’s LEV standards. Those rules became official in November.

Hickenlooper stopped short of mandating Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) sales. However, the AQCC is conducting stakeholders’ meetings on the matter and is expected to ask for a hearing to consider ZEV regulation in May.

CLEAR or the Colorado Low Emission Automobile Regulation requires manufacturers of new light-duty (less than 8,500 pounds) and medium duty (less than 14,000 pounds) vehicles to meet California’s low emissions standard for vehicles sold in Colorado beginning with the model year 2022. Any change to California’s standards would automatically apply to Colorado as well, effectively putting Colorado’s emissions standards under the control of the California governor and that state’s version of the AQCC.

Get that?  Whatever California does automatically applies to us too.  With ZERO input from any Coloradan.  This is insane.  How did I miss this the first time?  

ARMSTRONG WILLIAMS IS TALKING SPIRITUAL ILLNESS And I could not agree with this column more.  


CNN'S JIM ACOSTA PROVES WALL WORK And the internet EXPLODED on him for making the President's point so well. 

THIS STORY MAKES ME HATE PEOPLE any time I hear about jerks and aholes destroying natural beuty my blood boils.  And seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??? People are cutting down Joshua Trees in Joshua Tree National Park.  GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

MOTHER JONES ATTEMPT TO PREPARE PROGRESSIVES FOR DISAPPOINTMENT By reminding them that the Mueller investigation could lead to a giant nothingburger.  If that's the case, I can't wait to see the speed with which said progressives turn on Robert Mueller.  

DUDE, THESE WEDDING STORIES ARE OFFICIALLY OUT OF CONTROL We've talked about the Bridezilla who gave a dress code, the Bridezilla who demanded everyone pay $1500 to attend but this one is super special.  Check out this Save the Date Card from an Australian couple

So her guests are supposed to spend 5 grand and burn two weeks of vacay to go to her stupid wedding.  That would be a firm no.  

TERRORISM IS LESS IMPORTANT THAN INVESTIGATING TRUMP And if there is any other message to be taken from the killing of a House committee on terrorism to make room for a committee to investigate Trump I'm not sure what it might be. 

FEDERAL WORKERS WILL BE PAID AFTER THE SHUTDOWN If the House passes the same bill the Senate passed yesterday ensuring workers will not suffer because of the political chicanery.

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