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WHAT DO A GAY POLITICIAN AND CULT LEADER HAVE IN COMMON? Cult leader Jim Jones enjoyed lots of success before he orchestrated the murder-suicide of over 900 people.  Harvey Milk has been lionized as a gay icon.  Did you know they were good buddies who helped each other rise to fame?  The new book Cult City: Jim Jones, Harvey Milk, and 10 Days That Shook San Francisco is riveting and says more about how the news creates the narrative they want you to know as much as it tells you about these two crackpots.  Author Daniel Flynn joins me at 2pm to discuss.  Buy the book here

I THINK AWARDS ARE ONLY COOL IF YOU ARE THE ONE GETTING THEM Aside from the political garbage that has infested awards shows as of late, I've realized something.  I really don't care who wins an award I don't care about.  And the Golden Globes falls into that category.  If you want, you can read who won here.  Early numbers look like I'm not the only one.  

RBG IF MIA at least for oral arguments in upcoming cases.  In a story that has to have many liberals in a flat cold panic, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing arguments for the first time in her history on the Court as she recovers from cancer surgery.  If Trump gets to appoint another justice people are going to panic.   

THIS IS KIND OF A BIG DEAL IN EGYPT As the largest cathedral in the Middle East celebrated mass for the Coptic Christians who make up 10% of the population of Egypt.  They have been targeted in years past, churches have been burned and more.  The mass was celebrated under very heavy security.  We'll see how long that lasts, but this is a good step forward for religious freedom in Egypt.  

MEN HAVE IT HARDER THAN WOMEN AROUND THE WORLD And that includes the United States.  Before the third wave feminists take to the streets, they should read the parameters of this study, which took thinks like compulsory military service, punishments meted out and workplace fatalities into consideration.  Using that standard, men have it worse in 91 of 143 countries in the world.  Poor dudes. 

GUN CONTROL ADVOCATE HAS 23 GUNS IN HIS OFFICE And of course it took place in Chicago, where an Alderman can serve for 50 years and still be hella corrupt.  You can read the whole extortion case here, but Ald. Edward Burke has long been an advocate for disarming his fellow Chicagoans while owning an arsenal himself.  This is my shocked face.  

LADIES, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU If you've been feeling left out by the Real Doll sex robots for men, don't worry, dames!  Now Real Doll is making a sex robot for women, and he's got rock hard abs and rock hard other parts too.  

WHY THE LEFT THINKS THEY ARE RIGHT And this comes from a former Leftist in the UK but it works for us too. 

AND NOW, YOUR WEIGHT LOSS INSPIRATION VIDEO OF THE DAY As part of my Be the Best You in 2019 strategy, here's another video you should see! 

THE COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE IS ACCUSED OF MASSIVE MISMANAGEMENT And a whistleblower says the entire department is rotten to the core.  Is it true?  Channel 7 in Denver is trying to find out but is being stonewalled in the process

TREY GOWDY GIVES LIZ WARREN A LESSON ON TWITTER Trey Gowdy is out of office and back practicing law but Senator Elizabeth Warren only got part of the message.  She took to Twitter to cast aspersions about his move to private practice, assuming he did what most politicians do, which is become a lobbyist.  Except Gowdy is NOT a lobbyist.  He nicely...but snarkily...cleared the air via Twitter

THERE ARE A SLEW OF EDUCATION BILLS ALREADY FILED IN COLORADO Many of them have to do with teacher pay and retention, but some of them have to do with mental health services for kids and trades programs.  Check them out here

USING A DATING APP?  YOU NEED TO READ THIS If I were the type to get hysterical over something, I'd be demanding that dating apps be outlawed RIGHT NOW after hearing that police responded to 53 crimes, 18 of which were RAPE, that were directly related to dating app use.  If you're going to use a dating app, please be very careful! 

MASSAGE GREATNESS IS IN LAFAYETTE If you didn't know that there are World Massage Championships it may surprise you to know that the Third Best Freestyle Masseuse IN THE WORLD is right here in Lafayette.  It's true.  Both that there is a World Massage Championship and the bronze medal winner is right here. 

CAROL BURNETT WAS THE BEST PART OF THE GOLDEN GLOBES LAST NIGHT As she was the recipient of a lifetime achievement award.  Watch her speech here.  And holy cow does she look great for 85!! 

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