I'm Back in the Saddle Again! Hello Wednesday!

MY FRIEND HAZEL IS ON TODAY And at the ripe age of 88 she's written a book and it's lovely and you should read it and buy it as a gift by clicking here.  Ms. Ramsbotham joins me at 2 to discuss it.

THE GOVERNMENT IS SHUT DOWN AND POO IS THE PROBLEM At least at National Parks, which had remained open with a skeleton crew despite the shutdown.  Because people (and I mean visitors) suck and can't take care of themselves, the parks are now teeming with trash and poop.  And vandals are having a field day apparently.  This is so sad because WHY DO YOU GO TO A NATIONAL PARK TO LEAVE A BUNCH OF CRAP THERE WHEN YOU LEAVE???  Even our beloved Rocky Mountain National Park is having trouble.

SO HOW IS THE SHUT DOWN BEING COVERED?  Real Clear Politics has a breakdown and surprise, surprise, it's Trump's fault and people really don't care that much.  

FORMER NEW YORK TIMES EDITOR SAYS NEW YORK TIMES HATES TRUMP And the rest of us just laughed and laughed because we all already knew what Jill Abramson is talking about.  

WILL A POW WOW AT THE WHITE HOUSE GET THE GOVERNMENT RUNNING AGAIN?  President Trump has invited all Congressional leaders to the White House to talk turkey and maybe cut a deal.  We'll let you know how this turns out.

NEW CONGRESSMAN DAN CRENSHAW HAS A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE ABOUT WAR And he wrote this very interesting column about why the withdrawal from Syria is a problem.  It came out before Christmas so you probably missed it, but it's right here

WAS WAPO COLUMNIST JAMAL KHASHOGGI A FOREIGN AGENT?  The Washington Post published a lengthy story on the complicate relationship that their now dead columnist had with the Islamic Brotherhood and Qatar but they did so on December 22nd.  Why does this matter?  Because they knew no one would read it.  Here is an expansion on that story with a link to the WaPo story and when you read it, you know exactly why they buried it.  Because all is not as it initially seemed.  

WE ARE FINALLY RESPONSIBLE ENOUGH FOR FULL STRENGTH BEER And grocery stores and convenience stores cleared out the old 3.2% to make room for the hard stuff.  Okay, not HARD, but hardER.  I'm sure the apocalypse will begin in 3...2...1...

HOW FAR WILL DEMOCRATS IN COLORADO GO ON CLIMATE CHANGE?  I'm sure they've been paying attention to the worldwide revolt against measures to tackle climate change that also dramatically raise the cost of everything on citizens.  So what will they do?  Greenies are pressing them to make BIG changes and saying the election of Jared Polis was a mandate to shove all those things down our throats.  But will they?  I'd actually like to see the hippies and millennials actually live with the price increases such policies would bring for a while.  Right now, it's too abstract.  Make it real and then we can have our own riots!  (I don't actually want anyone to riot but it would be nice to see people actually have to live with the consequences of their bad decisions for a change)

WE KNOW HOW FAR CONGRESSIONAL DEMOCRATS WON'T GO ON CLIMATE CHANGE And that is the much-hyped "Green New Deal" being pushed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  She is now ripping Democratic leadership over their reluctance to destroy the economy with this pie-in-the-sky scheme.  Democrats have chosen NOT to include it in their near time plans.

WE ARE VERY CLOSE TO SPENDING MORE ON DEBT THAN NATIONAL DEFENSE. And not just defense.  The payments on our national debt are soon going to exceed payments on Medicaid too.  But I'm sure this will end differently than every other time in history when an empire spent itself to death.  Just kidding, it totally won't. 

WE ALL WANT THE WORLD TO BE A NICER PLACE, RIGHT?  START WITH YOU!  I came across this list yesterday and I seriously daydreamed about how lovely the world would be if everyone just tried to follow these simple rules.  But then I woke up.  Just because someone else is a jerk doesn't mean you have to be, so join me in trying to make the world a better place one kind gesture at a time!  

RIP MEAN GENE OKERLUND!  I had Gene Okerlund on a flight once and he was an absolute delight.  I told him he was in our living room a LOT as a kid as we grew up watching wrestling and he laughed and thanked me for watching.  He was a nice man and a legend in the wrestling world and he's passed away now.  

WHAT DID COLORADANS BUY THE MOST FROM WALMART.COM LAST YEAR?  Inflatable air mattresses, that's what.  Find out what every other state bought by clicking here


THIS IS A SUPER COOL STORY OF AN OLD GAME SHOW AND AN ACT OF KINDNESS I could tell you what this column is about but it's short and you really just need to read it so click here.


NOW FOR A SLEW OF NEW LAWS THE GOVERNMENT IMPOSED ON US LATELY From new gun laws to laws against jokes in the workplace (I'm not even kidding) there are a bunch of new ways you're potentially a lawbreaker.

IF YOU LOVE YOUR REWARDS CREDIT CARD, YOU NEED TO READ THIS Consumers have figured out how to game the credit card system for points and now banks are on the hook for billions in rewards points each year.  There could be changes coming, so read this article


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