Happy Friday! I've Got Short Timers and Don't Feel Like Working!

I'VE GOT THE VACATION SHORT TIMERS DISEASE REAL BAD But at least I'm hear working unlike most of the other people in our building today.  Who are not.  

THE FIRST HOUR OF THE SHOW WE SHALL CELEBRATE FESTIVUS AND AIR OUR GRIEVANCES I stole this from my friend Ross because I think it's a great idea. Festivus is December 23rd but since I won't be here, I thought we'd celebrate early.  Dave and Grant shall engage in Feats of Strength as we dance around the Festivus pole.  

NORAD TRACKS SANTA SO WE'RE TALKING TO NORAD Here is the link to the official Santa Tracker for you and the kids to follow! 

DENVER DATE NIGHT IS ON TALK NEW YEAR'S EVE!  Gretchen from Denver Date Night is on at 3pm today to talk New Year's Eve and she's giving away two tickets to the GREAT New Year's Eve party at Bigsby’s Folly.  Find out more and have Gretchen book a date for YOU (it is the best thing ever and you will LOVE IT) by clicking here to reach Denver Date Night. 

HERE'S A HANDY GUIDE FOR GRANDPARENTS ON GIFT GIVING And I had no idea what a minefield buying gifts for the grandsons feels like.  Perhaps this will help you.  

CHUCK TODD IS A MONSTER Because he will come into your house and change your toilet paper to hang the incorrect way.

MAD DOG MATTIS STEPS DOWN AND EXPLAINS WHY IN A PRETTY SHARP LETTER And you should read it here but it essentially says Trump is letting down our allies by pulling out of Syria, Mattis thinks this is wrong based on 40 years of experience and he's out. 


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