Two of My Favorite Guests are Here on Thursday!

SHOULD IT BE THUNDERSTORM THURSDAY?  Because Chris Spears is in today.  Need a cool last minute gift? Hit up Chris' new store in the District Shops at Cherry Creek!  

AND CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER TOO!  Get ready at 3 for another episode of Please Tell Me I'm Right with Charles Harrington Elster!  Buy his book or find out more about Charles by clicking here.

I HATE IT WHEN AN ACTOR I LIKE TURNS OUT TO BE A SCUMBAG I realize we are still in an era when a lot of people don't understand why some women "can't take a joke" and complain about sexual harassment.  I've been known to be critical in some cases where women don't speak up for themselves in the moment to try to rectify a situation.  But when I read this column by actress Eliza Dushku it reminded me that there are still many places where a woman who DOES try to take care of a situation in the moment is retaliated against.  I have loved actor Michael Weatherly since his time on NCIS but it seems he is not a nice man on set.  This is one of the most perfect examples of workplace sexual harassment and retaliation I've ever seen and I'm glad Dushku shared her story.  

ARE ENVIRONMENTALISTS BEING USED BY THE RUSSIANS?  The United States producing a crap ton of oil and natural gas is not good for Russia, as it drives down prices and they don't like that.  So what's the best way to beat that back?  Go after fracking and energy production at it's source.  How do you do that?  You pour Russian money into anti-fracking organizations and let them do your dirty work for you.  So the greenies are colluding with the Russians, they just might not know it.  Or maybe they do. 

THERE'S GONNA BE A FANCY NEW DEVELOPMENT WHERE ELITCH GARDENS IS NOW And it was just approved by the Denver City Council.  Check out the details here.


AND NOW, THE MOST MORTIFYING MEDIA MOMENTS OF 2018!  I had forgotten some of these gems.  Read up here to be reminded of all the ways the media tried to show us they are the arbiters of Fake News.  

REMEMBER YESTERDAY'S GLITTER BOMB VIDEO?  If you don't, you need to watch it on yesterday's blog here, but then compare those scumbags to these three kids. 

TRUMP PULLS OUR TROOPS OUT OF SYRIA AND I'M COOL WITH THAT.  Syria is a hot mess but I'm perfectly fine with Trump taking our troops out of there if we truly have defeated ISIS there.  But have we?  He says so

BE LIKE CALIFORNIA?  NO THANKS.  This actually explains a lot.  California is currently home to the least educated population in the country.  We are 17th from the top most educated states, and yet, our leadership wants to emulate a state like California.  

THANK GOODNESS THEY DIDN'T ASK ABOUT TALK SHOW HOST ETHICS In this survey about the perceived ethics of certain occupations.  Journalists, politicians and car salesman have some issues with their images. 

AND NOW HERE ARE SOME GOOD REASONS TO RECONSIDER THAT TATTOO Massive and epic tattoo fails and you really need to look at it here

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