We've Got a Weather Wednesday and some Chocolate!

THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS TOO DELIGHTFUL But maybe we can convince Chris Spears to use his secret snow machine to give us a white Christmas.  I can ask him today when he's in for weather question at 2!

YES, CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR YOU! And I've got The Chocolate Therapist Julie Nygard in today to talk all about it.  You need to visit her chocolate shop in Littleton, find out more by clicking here.

REAL OR FAKE?  WHITE OR COLORED?  THESE ARE THE TOUGH QUESTIONS WE WILL ANSWER TODAY And of course I'm talking about trees and lights.  What did you think I was talking about???


PRISON REFORM PASSED AND THIS IS A VERY GOOD THING And it had massive bipartisan support.  Did you hear anyone running around saying that the other side was going to let dangerous criminals out of jail that would kill your children?  Did you hear the other side say that the other side was racist and wanted black people to die in prison for minor drug offenses?  No, you did not.  Proving that if politicians just stopped being politicians for a half second they can do something good and decent together.  Too bad they don't do that very often. 

CNN JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR FOUND TO BE A TOTAL FRAUD And has been forced to resign from his current gig at Der Speigel in Germany after admitting he made up interviews for his investigative articles.  He was named CNN Journalist of the Year in 2014.  Heh.  Here is a story about his big win here.

THIS GUY REALLY PUT THE WORD GLITTER IN HERO As he came up with the perfect way to fight back against the dirty rotten thieves stealing his packages.  This is the greatest revenge scenario ever.  

WELL DUH, OF COURSE GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM But I don't know for sure what aspect of Government people in this Gallup poll meant when they listed that as the thing they are most concerned about.  Immigration was second.  Huh.  I sure hope the Dems have a plan for fixing it even though they refuse to truly secure the southern border. 

CONGRATS TO PHILLIP LINDSAY! The undrafted local hero turned Bronco Running Back has made the Pro Bowl!  Imagine how many yards he could have wracked up if we weren't losing so much of the time. 

THE WOMEN'S MARCH'S ANTI-SEMITISM HAS COME HOME TO ROOST And the Spokane, Washington group is disbanding in protest over the national board's affinity for noted anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan.  Good for these ladies for standing up against actual hatred.

MISSY FRANKLIN IS HANGING UP HER GOGGLES At the ripe old age of 23 swimmer Missy Franklin has announced she is leaving competitive swimming.  Why?  The stress on her body has had her in constant pain since 2015.  This is what you have to give up to be an Olympic superstar.  I wish Missy Franklin a happy and wonderful life!  

HERE IS A COOL USE OF OLD PLASTIC A company in Central America is using building blocks that work like Legos and are made of recycled plastic to build homes for people who need them.  Read it here.

WANT TO BE TOTALLY FREAKED OUT?  WATCH THIS NEW CHARLES MANSON SPECIAL It includes old films of "The Family" and interviews with cult members.  It is fascinating to see how easy it is to completely warp someone's mind.  Find out more here.

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