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GET YOUR ROAD QUESTIONS READY!  CDOT Executive Director Michael Lewis is on today at 3 to talk everything roads.  Email me your questions 

WANT TO KNOW THE LATEST IN REGENERATIVE MEDICINE?  My friend Dr. Gary is on to talk about the latest and greatest in the future of medicine.  As a matter of fact, check out some of the cool stuff happening around the world with regenerative medicine. Find out more by clicking here

GREAT HOLIDAY DEBATES WILL BE SETTLED HERE And I've got three in my household, although one sort of settled itself.  First, real or fake?  I'm talking trees here.  Second, white or colored lights?  And third, what is the main course on Christmas day?  

I HAD THIS YESTERDAY, BUT NEED TO RANT TODAY  So I am reposting this from yesterday.

THIS STORY ABOUT FOOD INSECURITY AT CU-BOULDER THOUGH Food bands on campus are not a new thing.  Most major universities have some sort of program for students to have access to food if they need it.  They do NOT have such a program at CU-Boulder.  Thus, this story about a woman facing food insecurity. Honestly though, I find multiple parts of this story eye-roll worthy.  Such as:

Sometimes, Natalie Sharp slept when she got home to avoid the hunger pangs from missing dinner.

Other times, the University of Colorado graduate student ate from CU's emergency food boxes and frequented campus events with free food to avoid going hungry. She joined mailing lists to keep an eye out for departmental events that might end with leftovers.

Now in her third year of graduate school, Sharp has secured a position with better pay, but she estimates that in her first two years of graduate school she skipped meals at least twice a week, an estimate she describes as conservative.

"You can't learn," she said. "You can't think. It messes with your mood."

Mmmkay, but I skipped more than two meals a week during college and I survived.  But she goes on.

During her first two years, Sharp taught multiple undergraduate classes, and she struggled to balance her own studies and her teaching duties while hungry.

"It's definitely difficult," she said. "Teaching involves a lot of emotional vulnerability as well, at least I feel that way, and being able to show up. If I can't complete sentences because my blood sugar is low, it's going to make it pretty difficult to lecture a class effectively. That's really frustrating."

Even now, with a comparatively higher paying university job, she tries to go home after class to avoid the temptation of going out to eat or spending more money, and she often saves half of her dinner for lunch the next day.

Y'all, I take half my dinner home ALL THE TIME for lunch the next day.  is this what passes for suffering these days?  Good grief.  I don't want people to starve, but a grown ass woman skipping two meals a week is not newsworthy.  

DID TRUMP BLINK ON THE WALL OR IS THIS JUST STRATEGERY?  Sarah Sanders says the White House might find another way to pay for the wall instead of a shut down.  We'll see what happens on this one.  

OH MY GOSH THIS STORY IS JUST SO VERY SWEET A dying man wanted to make sure his neighbor would remember him, so he bought 14 presents for the next 14 years and had his daughter deliver them to the next door neighbors when he was gone.  

AND THIS IS WHY I TALK ABOUT OBESITY.  LAVERNE IS DEAD BECAUSE OF DIABETES. Penny Marshall died last night due to complications of her diabetes.  This is why I talk about obesity.  She was only 75.  

THIS USED TO BE CALLED AN INDIGO GIRLS CONCERT There was a music festival in Sweden devoted to women, transfolks and non binary people.  Whoopie.  Though men were not prevented from buying a ticket or stopped at the door, although male managers and entourage members were confined to a "man-pen" area backstage.  It still violates Sweden's anti-discrimination rules.  Weird how anti-discrimination rules flow both ways there. 

IS THE WALL TRULY A BAD IDEA?  IF NOT, WHY DO A MAJORITY OF AMERICANS OPPOSE IT? I think the media has done a fine job telling people that walls don't work.  Even though a vast majority of us deal with walls on a daily basis which do a fine job of keeping us out.  I am going to talk about this another day but wanted to put this here so I don't forget.

WE REALLY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT PLASTICS And I'm not going to tell you to stop using plastic bags, but this story on 60 Minutes Sunday night may have me swearing them off.  I HATE GARBAGE and LITTER so much, and a lot of what we are using is ending up on the ocean and you can see it for yourself.  And don't think you're going to "recycle" your plastic, because that's a lie. Check out this part of the transcript:

But you'll be surprised to hear what they and many other plants across the country have been doing with that plastic.

Roland Geyer: Until recently, in California, and probably much of the rest of the U.S., two thirds of the plastic went straight to China.

Sharyn Alfonsi: China. Why China?

Roland Geyer: China was accepting it and-- it appears that China found a way to recycle it economically which-- the-- the U.S. has trouble with.

But last year, all that changed when China decided it didn't want to be the world's trash dump and shut the door to our plastic, leaving plants like Recology scrambling.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Where is all that recycling going now?

Roland Geyer: A lot of the plastic has been diverted to other countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand.

Sharyn Alfonsi: And of those countries, do we know that what we're sending to them is ultimately being recycled?

Roland Geyer: We hope it gets recycled.

Sharyn Alfonsi: We hope--

Roland Geyer: So we--

Sharyn Alfonsi: --but do we think?

Roland Geyer: We don't know. There's no real audit trail or anything like that so it's very difficult. And we know that a lot of plastic in Southeast Asia and other countries ends-- ends up in open dumps.

Sharyn Alfonsi: This is discouraging, I think, to most people. Is the idea of recycling a myth?

Roland Geyer: I wouldn't call it a myth.

Sharyn Alfonsi: But it's not working.

Roland Geyer: For plastic, it's currently not working. So we need-- we need to change it. We need to try different things.

Watch the whole story, it's completely worth your time. 

RANDY BAUMGARDNER IS RESIGNING FROM THE COLORADO SENATE After being accused of being a total creep.  He resigned effective the first day of the session so as to allow his appointed successor to be allowed to serve two full terms if re elected, which is nice.  I'm not sad to see him go. 

KIDS ARE MAKING THE SAME STUPID CHOICES WE MADE WHEN WE WERE YOUNG And teens are vaping nicotine like crazy and the increases are ridiculous.  We need to do a better job explaining to kids that nicotine is nicotine is nicotine and it's not good for you no matter how the delivery system works.  They need to know they are probably addicts at this point.  And use that word, please.  


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