One More Monday Until Christmas!

THERE ARE A LOT OF DISABLED PEOPLE CAPABLE OF DOING GREAT WORK And my guest today is one of them.  Mike Hess happens to be blind, but he's also an IT professional who recognized that many companies would hire disabled people if they only knew how to accomodate them.  Find out more about and help put someone back to work!  

IS OBAMACARE DEAD IN THE WATER OR STILL FLAILING?  You might have missed it, but Friday a Texas judge declared the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.  What does this mean?  Jonathan Turley has a great column explaining why Chief Justice John Roberts may have an awful time trying to defend it this time around.  Just to be clear, nothing has changed as of this moment.  We'll see if the Supremes take it up again or just let the lower court ruling stand.  

MICHAEL FLYNN'S SENTENCING MEMO GETS CURIOUSER AND CURIOUSER And I'd love to know that the FBI said right after it's initial interview with Flynn.  So would the judge overseeing the case.  This is honestly too convoluted to explain on the air, but read this column to find out more.  

DRUG ADDICTS RUIN EVERYTHING, PART #2535 And now they've ruined your possibility of using the restrooms in the underground Union Station restrooms in private.  How?  The doors have been removed from the stalls because:

“RTD purposely took off the stall doors for security reasons,” says RTD spokeswoman Michelle Brier in an email. “It is due to the extreme use of drugs and concern for the persons overdosing or passing away in the stalls.”

So the security of your private parts has been completely removed now.  

KEN BUCK VOTED NO ON THE FARM BILL AND HE'S 100% RIGHT ON THAT The Farm Bill passed with flying colors so Rep. Ken Buck's No vote wasn't in danger of submarining it.  Buck took the opportunity to take a stand and push forward three specific items:

  • Lack of work requirement language for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly called food stamps.
  • No statutory repeal of the Waters of the U.S. rule implemented by President Clinton, then again by President Obama
  • No language empowering state and county governments to control forest fire mitigation

All of these issues need to be addressed.  All of them.  And the Farm Bill is also full of pork (pun intended) that too many members of Congress slide in to buy votes in farm districts.  I think the whole thing needs to be scrapped and redone, but that's never going to happen.  I am proud of Congressman Ken Buck on this one! 

HEY BOULDERITES, DON'T FORGET TO REGISTER YOUR GUNS WITH BIG BROTHER And you better do so by December 27th or...uh...something is going to happen.  Or not.  Since the city isn't saying they will go door to door and toss people's homes and whatnot, as long as you don't use your gun to commit a crime (which a vast majority of legal gun owners never do) it's pretty much your secret.  

I'M ALL FOR A FOUR DAY WORKWEEK!  As companies compete for employees and try to keep their existing employees happy, some companies are considering a four day work week to help employees have more time off.  YES PLEASE.  Given the opportunity to work four 10 hour days I'll take that all day long.  Don't get too excited though, this is only happening in other places.  For now.  

TRYING TO FIND SOMETHING FUN TO DO IN COLORADO NEXT WEEK?  This cool video talks about some hidden gems you may want to check out.


DEER POACHERS CAUGHT AND SENTENCED TO ONCE A MONTH BAMBI VIEWING And I'm not even making this up.  Read the whole story here

THIS STORY ABOUT FOOD INSECURITY AT CU-BOULDER THOUGH Food bands on campus are not a new thing.  Most major universities have some sort of program for students to have access to food if they need it.  They do NOT have such a program at CU-Boulder.  Thus, this story about a woman facing food insecurity.  Honestly though, I find multiple parts of this story eye-roll worthy.  Such as:

Sometimes, Natalie Sharp slept when she got home to avoid the hunger pangs from missing dinner.

Other times, the University of Colorado graduate student ate from CU's emergency food boxes and frequented campus events with free food to avoid going hungry. She joined mailing lists to keep an eye out for departmental events that might end with leftovers.

Now in her third year of graduate school, Sharp has secured a position with better pay, but she estimates that in her first two years of graduate school she skipped meals at least twice a week, an estimate she describes as conservative.

"You can't learn," she said. "You can't think. It messes with your mood."

Mmmkay, but I skipped more than two meals a week during college and I survived.  But she goes on.

During her first two years, Sharp taught multiple undergraduate classes, and she struggled to balance her own studies and her teaching duties while hungry.

"It's definitely difficult," she said. "Teaching involves a lot of emotional vulnerability as well, at least I feel that way, and being able to show up. If I can't complete sentences because my blood sugar is low, it's going to make it pretty difficult to lecture a class effectively. That's really frustrating."

Even now, with a comparatively higher paying university job, she tries to go home after class to avoid the temptation of going out to eat or spending more money, and she often saves half of her dinner for lunch the next day.

Y'all, I take half my dinner home ALL THE TIME for lunch the next day.  is this what passes for suffering these days?  Good grief.  I don't want people to starve, but a grown ass woman skipping two meals a week is not newsworthy.  

MAYBE THIS IS A PRIME EXAMPLE OF A SUPER NERDY CONCEPT And I'm going to put this article here about why we will never be free of racism and sexism but I swear it could pertain with this woman thinking she has a real issue above.  I am going to try and discuss today. 

MAN IN UK CELEBRATES ACCESS TO TECHNOLOGY AVAILABLE HERE SINCE 2007! And the use of the Visualase laser to treat his previously inoperable brain tumor was worthy of a news story in the British press.  Even though we've had it in the US since 2007.  But I'm sure all those people who died in NHS care since then are still super happy with socialized medicine.  

AND NOW, WINTER IN SLOW MOTION Thanks, Ted, for sharing this!

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