It's a Christmas for the Kids Thursday!

I HOPE YOU CAN STOP BY AND SEE ME TODAY As I broadcast live from the King Soopers at Yale and Colorado.  We are teaming up with our friends at KBCO and CBS4 to collect toy donations for the kids at the Denver Boys and Girls Club.  Drop off a new, unwrapped toy (or a gift card for an older kid or a cash donation so they can buy more toys) and say hi to me!  I'll be the one in the green Christmas lights turtle neck.  

DID YOU HEAR THE LATEST FROM THE CARAVAN?  A small group of migrants has marched the US Consulate in Tijuana and DEMANDED to be let in the US or $50,000 each.  I'm not kidding.  from the San Diego Tribune:

The first group demanding action, numbering about 100, arrived at the U.S. Consulate at about 11 am Tuesday. The migrants said they were asking that the Trump Administration pay them $50,000 each or allow them into the U.S.

When asked how the group came up with the $50,000 figure, organizer Alfonso Guerrero Ulloa of Honduras, said they chose that number as a group.

“It may seem like a lot of money to you,” Ulloa said. “But it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras.”

The group’s letter criticized American intervention in Central America. They gave the U.S. Consulate 72 hours to respond. They said they had not decided what to do if their demands were not met.

“I don’t know, we will decide as a group,” Ulloa said.

I'm guessing this particular group is not interested in becoming hard working tax paying Americans.  And this is why we need a wall.  Demand in one hand and poop in the other and see which one fills up first.  

STAY OUT OF THE HOSPITAL BY HAVING A GLASS OF WINE A DAY But let's not get crazy and make that "glass" a bottle, k?  A new study says teetotalers are far more likely to end up in the hospital than modest drinkers.  I'm down with this.  Maybe they should start serving wine IN hospitals to get people out quicker.  (I'm kidding I don't think it works like that).

THE FBI HAS MORE EXPLAINING TO DO IN THE MICHAEL FLYNN CASE And it's getting interesting now that the judge in his sentencing hearing as asked the FBI to produce any and all 302s that pertain to Michael Flynn.  What is a 302? It's the report done after an interview where the agents provide pertinent information about the interview.  The problem we have now is that the FBI sent the judge a 302 that had been produced 7 months AFTER Flynn's interview although there is text message evidence that a 302 had been done WELL BEFORE that time.  We'll see what happens now, read the whole thing here.

PEOPLE LOVE A FEDERAL PAID LEAVE PROGRAM UNTIL THEY KNOW THE COST And this should be a lesson to Republicans.  People love the idea of a mandated leave program that would allow new moms to stay home with pay for 12 weeks after they give birth.  But when they find out the costs, both financial and otherwise, a majority is against it.  You should read this report from the Cato Institute about the poll.  I say the GOP should pay attention because they need to personalize the costs of EVERY Santa Clause program the Dems are proposing just like this.  Because everybody loves a giveaway until it comes out of their pocket.  

DEAR FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE, PLEASE NOTE THE PAIN YOUR ALGORITHMS CAUSE. This Tweet thread is devastating.  As a mom who almost had THIS EXACT SAME THING HAPPEN I can truly imagine how horrible this must be. 

WANT TO KNOW THE BEST TOYS TO BUY THIS YEAR?  I'VE GOT EM! Well Good Housekeeping has them and the whole list is here

SPORT ILLUSTRATED IS WOKE AS YOU-KNOW-WHAT To demonstrate just HOW woke they asked Christine Blasey Ford to give out the 2018 Inspiration of the Year Award.  I just can't with this.  Are they woke enough to stop showcasing naked women once a year in the swimsuit issue?  Somehow I doubt it.  

THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME CLASS IS PRETTY DECENT THIS YEAR As modern faves like Def Leppard and Janet Jackson join classics like The Zombies and Todd Rundgren.  Here's the whole list from

  • Def Leppard
  • Devo
  • Janet Jackson
  • John Prine
  • Kraftwerk
  • LL Cool J
  • MC5
  • Radiohead
  • Rage Against the Machine
  • Roxy Music
  • Stevie Nicks
  • The Cure
  • Todd Rundgren
  • Rufus & Chaka Khan
  • The Zombies


NOW YOU CAN LIGHT A FIRE THAT SMELLS LIKE KFC And this might a be a genius marketing gimmick but count me out.  I can't even light candles that smell like cookies without being hungry I can only imagine what would happen if my fireplace smelled like 11 herbs and spices.  

YOU MAY GET REALLY SICK AT ONE OF OUR SPORTS FACILITIES This story is SHOCKING because ALL THREE OF OUR SPORTS FACILITIES are really stinking it up when it comes to food safety and sanitation.  Check out this story on health department inspections and see how high they all are on the naughty list! 

HERE'S WHAT THE NEW DIA WILL LOOK LIKE IN 2022 And I'm already planning on not flying the first year that new security system is in place.  The Ghost of the Automated Baggage System will probably haunt it.  Check out the cool video here.  

WOULD YOU GIVE YOUR PHONE FOR A YEAR TO WIN $100,000?  VitaminWater is running a contest where someone will be chosen and if they don't use their smartphone...or anyone else's for a year, they get $100,000.  You have to be chosen in advance, but you can always click here for more

I'M NOT SAYIN' THAT CHRISTMAS EVE WILL KILL YOU...BUT IT MIGHT A new, large study of heart attack victims over 16 years in Sweden shows that Christmas Eve at 10 pm is the sweet spot for a heart attack.  The risk spikes for about 48 hours after then too.  Check the study here

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