It's Interweb Wednesday and it's Super Creepy

GOOGLE MAKES IT EASY TO CONVICT PEOPLE OF BLASPHEMY In some Muslim nations it is against the law to speak ill of Islam, or even speak ill of religion, and do NOT blaspheme the Prophet Muhamed.  It's against the law and can earn you jail time and massive fines.  Check some of the recent convictions listed on the Wiki page for some of the really great highlights, like where a woman served 18 months in jail for complaining about the volume of the speaker on a nearby mosque.  Now Google has approved an app that lets people turn other people into the government for blasphemy.  But remember kids, conservatives are the problem.    

AND FACEBOOK WANTS TO PREDICT WHERE YOU'RE GOING TO PHYSICALLY BE SOON And this story has me thinking I'd love to delete Facebook entirely (except for those TimeHop photos of The Q when she was a baby because OMG I love those).  Facebook is trying to patent a system that would use your location history, the location history of people you usually hang out with and predictive algorithms to figure out where you are driving to or walking to in the future.  Y'all the is Big Brother at it's finest and we ALL willingly signed up for it. 

WHAT'S IT GONNA TAKE TO DE FAT OUR NATION?  Obesity rates hit an all time high in the US last year, with over 30% of us officially in the obese category.  This is leading to several unintended consequences, the least of which is a decrease in life expectancy.  So what's it gonna take?  I'm serious here.  What do we have to do to get people to lose weight?  I've got some very unpopular suggestions.  

MALE BIRTH CONTROL MIGHT BE A THING BUT I'M GONNA TELL YOU WHY IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK A new gel, that when applied daily can lower sperm production and prevent pregnancy, is being rolled out by researchers at the University of Washington.  Here's why this won't work.   Women, who completely bear the brunt of an unintended pregnancy, often forget to take birth control.  And they are the ones who bear the brunt already.  If I'm worried about getting pregnant, I'm not going to leave it to my partner to remember to do this everyday.  Now if a dude wants to make sure he doesn't knock someone up is using it, that may be different.  We'll see.  

AMERICAN UNIVERSITY STUDENTS DEMAND SEGREGATION And this sort of goes with the story of the no honky vacations we talked about the other day.  It's not enough to have entire organizations devoted to inclusion and multiculturalism if they welcome ALL students, so minority students have asked for separate (we can only hope they are equal I guess) spaces where they can gather without those pesky white folks gettin' in the way.  

OUR NATION IS RUN BY SQUABBLING PEOPLE WHO DON'T CARE ABOUT AMERICA Because Tuesday Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer went to the White House to talk about funding the government and it went south really, really fast.  Who was the winner here?  I have no idea and I'm not sure I care.  What I got from this is that Nancy didn't want to talk about this in front of the press.  But she did it anyway.  Watch the whole thing here.  


MAKE A RESOLUTION TO SPEND TIME WITH AN OLDER PERSON We talk about loneliness and it's devastating effect on people in the US.  This article seriously just made me cry a little.  Older people are dying of loneliness and it's important to know how hard it is for some of them to get around.  We MUST go to them.  Please find an older neighbor or former churchgoer and make an effort.  You could bring so much joy to someone who needs it. 

AND NOW A WOMAN SWIMS WITH ORCAS BY ACCIDENT And I'm not sure if I would have jumped back into the water when I realized that a pod of orcas was swimming along with her.  But good on her.  

MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS ARE ATTEMPTING SUICIDE MORE THAN BEFORE And in Canon City, the rates are what I consider to be dramatically higher than the rest of the state.  We have to get this under control.  

YES, VIRGINIA, THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO OBAMACARE If you don't want single payer you better come up with some viable alternatives.  This column has some.  We need to start talking to everyone about what could make our system better instead of throwing it on the dust heap of history.  I don't love all of these suggestions, but I'm open to making our system better rather than putting the government in charge.  

FUNERALS ARE SIMPLY A WAY OF GIVING US ALL A HAPPY ENDING A totally nerdy theory by an economist (but aren't all theories by economists nerdy?) may help us understand why we want to have a funeral when someone dies.  It's all part of the peak-end theory that says our opinion of something is based largely on how it ends.  LEAVE THEM WANTIN' MORE!  


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