Happy Tuesday! Let's Talk Christmas Music!

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WHICH MAGICAL CHRISTMAS TUNE IS THE BEST?  OR THE WORST?  That second question is a trick question, because the worst song ever is this one. 

THANK GOODNESS ULTRA SPIRITUAL LIFE TOOK ON BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE And even though this is a total parody, it's SO accurate for some of society. 


THE OSCARS MAY GO HOSTLESS As it's becoming rapidly apparent that in today's new era of Absolute Wokeness it's impossible to find someone without blemish, so there should never be a host of anything again.  Or a Heisman Trophy winner.  Or anything else nice.  The Oscars may go on without a host this year after comedian Kevin Hart stepped down after some not nice things he said MANY years ago surfaced.  I'm cool with that as there is a zero percent chance I'll watch the Oscars anyway.  Unless I'm being held hostage or something. 

SORRY HICK, YOU'RE TOO WHITE AND DUDEY TO BE THE CANDIDATE That was what was implied by CNN's Alyson Camerota in an interview today.  Heh.  It must suck to be a white male Democrat and realize the identity politics your party champions are biting your ambitions completely in the butt.  Heh. 

MORE ANALYSIS OF THE JAMES COMEY TESTIMONY And if you didn't read the column by Sharyl Atkisson (you should so click here) this is a shorter, less comprehensive breakdown of what was said and more importantly, what wasn't said.  From Thefederalist.com: 

From Comey’s testimony it is clear that he did not, and does not, know much about the launch of, and handling of, the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Yet, as discussed above, Comey’s lack of knowledge proves significant on many fronts: it demonstrates that his view on the propriety of the investigation and the FISA applications is worthless; it establishes that rogue agents had the ability to direct the investigation without Comey’s oversight; and it proves the paper trail provides a selective and slanted summary of the FBI and DOJ’s conduct.

But knowing the full extent of Comey’s ignorance would serve to inform Congress’s understanding of the breadth of the potential misconduct. Unfortunately, the Republican committee members wasted much of their time revisiting the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of classified (and even top-secret) government information. They need to let it go! The public knows what Clinton did — and what the Obama DOJ and FBI didn’t do — and rehashing that gets us nowhere.

To be clear, the head of the FBI says he knows nothing about how an investigation into a candidate for President of the United States ACTUALLY got started.  This is either stunning incompetence or a flat out lie, but either way it provides more than a reason to dismiss Comey's opinion on anything related to the veracity of this investigation.  

CHINA LOWERS TARIFFS ON AUTOMOBILE EXPORTS This after a conversation with President Trump at the G20 in Bueno Aires recently.  Could Trump's bluster be just what the trade deficit needed?  


THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO BE CAREFUL WHICH BLOGS YOU FOLLOW When Gateway Pundit got going a few years ago, I used him sometimes on my blog.  Then he started getting things wrong.  Really, really wrong.  So I stopped checking his site.  Now I see this story about how Drudge and Rush were sucked into a satire Twitter feed by Gateway Pundit.  Be careful, peeps.  

THE GENDER WAGE GAP IS PROVED TO BE HOT GARBAGE BY A NEW HARVARD STUDY And unlike all the "studies" waved around by the media that do an oversimplified analysis of gross numbers, this one took a work group that was the same by union edict and then dug down to find out why men still made more money than women.  The answer?  Choices made by the women and men in the union.  Imagine that.  

MOM SENDS VERY SPECIAL BLOW UP SHEEP TO SCHOOL WITH HER SON And only when he was sent home she realized it was a...wait for it...sex toy.  She didn't ORDER it for that, by the way, it was labelled very deceptively.  

JAMES BOND IS A SEVERE ALCOHOLIC AND ALSO NOT A REAL PERSON But that didn't stop researchers from a university in New Zealand from carefully studying his on screen drinking habits and declaring that MI-6 needs to provide him with help for his drinking.  I'm not sure why I needed to know this but now you know it too. 

I MET THIS COUNTRY ARTIST IN LOUISVILLE AND I HOPE HE MAKES IT HUGE!  I am not a country music aficionado by any stretch, but I met country singer JD Shelburne at multiple charity events in Louisville, Kentucky where he was always donating his time to raise money for some cause.   He is kind and warm and just really, really nice and it seems that his new record is starting to gain some traction so I thought I'd share it because I think it's really good.  

HEY, REMEMBER THAT WOMEN OF COLOR RETREAT STORY FROM YESTERDAY?  A listener sent me an interesting review from Trip Advisor.  The woman who runs it is ripping people off

DON'T TRY TO PASS THAT PUPPY OFF AS A SERVICE ANIMAL ON DELTA As the proud owner of an almost five month old puppy, I can't agree with this new change by Delta when it comes to underage service animals.  Puppies under four months old are NOT allowed to fly in the cabin as a "service animal" and now "emotional support animals" are banned on long haul flights.  Why?  Because people have lied too many times and someone got mauled on an airplane by a fake service dog.

TERRIFIED OF BUYING THE WRONG GIFT?  I'VE GOT A SERVICE FOR YOU, GUYS It's a gift buying concierge service.  This is nice for those of you men who don't have a gay male friend to hit up for advice. ***I know this is a stereotype about gay men being excellent shoppers with amazing taste but seriously have you ever shopped with a gay man??? 

COPS STOP FOR NOISE COMPLAINT, END UP PLAYING VIDEO GAMES INSTEAD A noise complaint sent the cops to a home where some guys were playing video games.  Instead of rousting the troublemakers the cops ascertained they were not troublemakers and played video games with them instead. 

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