Screen Time Monday! It's Changing Kid's Brains

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER WAS A VERY WISE MAN And his son Daniel seems to be as well.  Daniel worked with his father in his final months to complete Charles' last book.  I'm interviewing him at 2pm about their new book The Point of It All: A Lifetime of Great Loves and Endeavors which you can buy by clicking here.

WE ARE JUST BEGINNING TO UNDERSTAND WHAT SMARTPHONES ARE DOING TO KIDS And now there are several large scale studies underway to help us understand better how tablets, smartphones and screen time affect the brain and mental health of kids and teens.  You must click this link and watch the story that aired last night if you have kids or grandkids.  

WHILE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT KIDS, LET'S LET UP ON THE STRAIGHT A THING TOO I've spoken often about the high expectations I lived with from my parents when I was a kid.  Straight As were expected.  That lasted until college, when my first semester I failed a Biology lab I didn't even know I had.  (True and embarrassing story) With The Q now in fourth grade I am trying to balance a desire for high marks with reasonable expectations, as more research now shows the connection between perfectionism and a whole host of other issues I don't want to inflict on my kid.  I can rest easy now, as straight As are NOT the key to happy and successful life, at least according to this column.  

IF YOU'VE NEVER READ I, PENCIL, YOU SHOULD AT LEAST READ THIS I, Pencil is a compelling story of how a pencil demonstrates the fallacy of central planning.  I know, I know, you're probably rolling your eyes, but this story explodes the notion that the state knows best with the story of a lowly pencil.  The essay is 60 years old today and my friend Larry Reed has some thoughts on it here

SOMETIMES I SEE THINGS SO...SOMETHING...THAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY And this video about what it's like to "take a vacation from white people" is one of them.  I was at first shocked, just thinking about what would happen if there were a "whites ONLY retreat" somewhere would be.  Then I was overcome with sadness that these women feel so distrustful and paranoid that every white person is judging them solely on their skin color.  When one woman says she can no longer trust anyone who voted for Trump I realized we will never be a post racial society.  

CONGRATS TO WINTER PARK ON BEING NAMED #1!  By USA Today anyway.  Also on the list of Best Ski Resorts in North America, Copper Mountain and Telluride.  I love Winter Park and think this is WELL DESERVED!  

A COLORADO LAWMAKER DOESN'T TAKE EXISTING LAWS VERY SERIOUSLY And now the GOP has filed a complaint against newly elected HD50 Rep. Rochelle Galindo.  She not only violated state electioneering laws by being INSIDE a polling place telling people to vote for her, she streamed it live on Facebook.  She seems smart.  

SO JAMES COMEY TESTIFIED LAST WEEK And a transcript of his testimony was released Saturday.  Sharyl Attkisson did a great analysis of it, including page numbers so you can check it yourself.  You really, really need to read at least her analysis to understand how jacked up the FBI was under Comey.  Or how incompetent he was.  

THE TRANS MAFIA CLAIMS A NEW SCALP This time a high school teacher who refused to call a trans boy by "he" or "him".  Like other compromises in this new minefield, the teacher offered to simply refer to the kid by his name, but the teacher has been canned.  

WOMEN HAVE DIFFERENT SYMPTOMS FOR A HEART ATTACK And you should know them whether you are a woman or love a woman.  Check this story about for more.  

YET ANOTHER OUT OF CONTROL BRIDE BREAKS THE INTERNET With her insane demands on her wedding guests.  Why ladies?  WHY??? And if I knew this groom I would totally be counseling him to run for the flipping hills rather than marry this angry control freak of a woman.  


WAY TOO MANY OF US ARE NOT DOING THIS VERY IMPORTANT THING This number is shockingly high in my opinion.  58% of us don't do any muscle building exercise AT ALL.  For women the number is even LOWER!  74% (!) of women do NOTHING to maintain and build their muscles.  Holy cow, this explains a lot about how we age in this country.  

THE GREAT WAR AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN IT.  This technology took old black and white films of WWI and made them...well this.  It's unbelievable. 

WHEN THE FREE MARKET IS UNLEASHED, WE REACH ENERGY INDEPENDENCE And this editorial quickly outlines how the grandiose plans of various POTUSes did little to help us get off foreign oil, but Trump getting out of the way did. 

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