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WHY DOES THE RACIAL GAP CONTINUE TO EXIST IN EDUCATION?  This is a subject I have broached in the past just to be told I was a racist for bringing it up. Black students at every economic level lag behind white students and in many cases the lag is very significant.  In the late 1990's a black sociologist named John Ogbu was commissioned to study why black students in an affluent suburb still lagged behind their white peers.  Read this overview of his findings here.  I had this article on the blog yesterday and today I am speaking with the author at 2pm.  Buy his book about it here

ALEX OCA-CORTEX IS PAYING HER INTERNS FIFTEEN BUCKS AN HOUR And I genuinely can't wait to see how successful she is at managing the budget of her office.  She says it's important her office walk the walk it talks, which I totally respect.  But can her office afford it?  We'll see. 

IS THE WEEKLY STANDARD IN DANGER OF GOING UNDER?  This would be very bad for conservative thought.  Rumors are swirling that The Weekly Standard, the conservative magazine with a decidedly anti-Trump bent these days, may be going under.  Their traffic is up, but the ownership has been in conflict with Stephen Hayes the editor for some time.  We'll see what happens on this one.  I may not agree with everything I read (I'm more libertarian than they are by far) but I always learn something valuable.  

FROM PARENTS WHO DON'T DO ENOUGH TO PARENTS WHO DO TOO MUCH And in this case, we're talking parents who come to school on the regular to eat with their children.  I have no issue with the occasional, special occasion pop in for lunch, but some parents want to do it every day.  And it's not only disruptive, it's being abused by some parents being accused of "buying" their kids friends.  Oofa. 

PETA WANTS YOU TO CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE And I mean this literally and much like most things PETA does, it's beyond stupid.  They want to change language they deem demeaning to animals.  Suggested changes?

"Hold your horses" should become "Hold your Phone"

"Killing two birds with one stone" should become "Feed to birds with one scone"

No, I am not making this up, there are other stupid suggestions here

WANT TO KNOW IF YOUR GIRL WILL CHEAT?  CHECK OUT HER FINGERS This kind of stuff always makes me laugh because it's just so...stupid.  However if you are dying to know if your lady will cheat, check to see if her index finger and middle finger are the same length.  If they are, you've got a potential cheater on your hands!  

I HOPE HE GOT TO AT LEAST KEEP THE MEAT Deer vs. car can be very bad news as this deputy found out

FRANKENSWINE MAKE ME WANT TO GIVE UP PORK FOREVER Scientists in South Korea have genetically modified pigs to create a breed which develops more muscle than other pigs and the results are utterly terrifying.  

NOW YOU CAN FIND OUT IF YOU'VE GOT CANCER IN TEN EASY MINUTES!  Well not quite yet, but doctors in Australia are working out a way to diagnose cancer in 10 minutes with a simple blood test.  It can't tell you WHERE you have cancer, but this could be a game changer for cancers with no symptoms until it's too late, like pancreatic or ovarian.  

I'M IN THE REBELLIOUS MINORITY WHEN IT COMES TO FLU SHOTS As four in ten Americans say they will not get a flu shot.  Why don't I?  Because the last time I got it, I got the flu.  Don't @ me, it happened. 

LET'S SEE HOW MANY TESLAS SELL WITHOUT SUBSIDIES I am anti-government subsidies.  Period.  It should be obvious then that I am all in favor of doing away with government subsidies for electric cars.  Without them maybe manufacturers would figure out a way to make them so people will truly WANT to buy them.   

YOU PEOPLE ARE LUCKY I'M HERE TODAY Because Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is out today on Amazon Prime!  



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