It's Colorado Gives Day and I've Got Some Suggestions

FIRST AND FOREMOST, BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE IS A FEMINIST ANTHEM And radio stations who have stopped playing it should listen to my diatribe and add it back to the playlist because it's not "rapey" or any other stupid thing.  

COLORADO GIVES DAY IS TODAY!  And if you are so inclined to share some of your wealth with a worthy cause there are a LOT of them out there.  I thought I'd share three of my favorites because I know how these organizations are run, I know the work they do and I know they are worthy of your consideration.  

FIRST, STEP DENVER You know what this is and they do remarkable work helping men regain their sobriety.  It's a tough, successful program.  Donate to Step Denver here.  Find out more about them at their website by clicking here. 

CANCER SUCKS AND THE CANCER LEAGUE OF COLORADO IS HELPING BEAT IT This organization sort of flies under the radar but they are CRITICAL to helping research get off the ground to beat cancer.  Edie Marks joins me at 2:30 to discuss the work they do.  Donate to Cancer League of Colorado here.  Find out more about the great work they do by clicking here

HELP VETERANS BY DONATING TO VETERANS PASSPORT TO HOPE I LOVE this organization so much. They help smaller veterans focused organizations with their grant program and Executive Director Tony Drees is in at 3pm to tell you all about it.  Donate to Veterans Passport to Hope here.  Find out more about them and find out about services for veterans by clicking here

WANT TO AVOID A LOUSY MOVIE?  JUST AVOID THESE ACTORS I've never been impressed with Jessica Alba and am oddly comforted in knowing I'm not alone.  Someone put together a list of the actors with the lowest cumulative scores via Metacritic, which averages all the other scores together.  On the women's side, Alba is the queen of badly reviewed movies.  For men, Mike Epps is the one you want to avoid.  The only actors on this list who surprise me are Robin Williams and Kathy Bates.  But hey, don't argue with science.  

DOG'S ARE A WOMEN'S BEST FRIEND TOO, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DETECT CANCER A woman is lucky to be alive after her husky detected her ovarian cancer and then detected her cancer when it returned.  Twice.  This is why dogs rule and cats drool.  

THIS IS THE MOST HONEST AND UNFLINCHING LOOK AT THE RACIAL GAPS IN SCHOOL I'VE EVER SEEN It's so honest I'm genuinely shocked this author hasn't been targeted for re-education by some woke university nerd.  The racial gap in education isn't about racism, it's about culture.  Read this because it's important. 

FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE CROSS THE CREEPY LINE What is the creepy line?  Watch this.



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