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REST IN PEACE, 41 George Herbert Walker Bush has gone to be with his beloved Barbara.  He passed away at the age of 94 just months after Barbara passed.  He was a nice man and good President.  Funny that, which I am pretty sure was covering the POTUS back then wrote an article about all the good President George HW Bush did that he didn't get credit for.  From places like Time and stuff.  

YOU CAN'T HAVE OPEN BORDERS AND A WELFARE STATE This breakdown of who is utilizing welfare programs in the US shocked me a bit because I honestly thought the numbers would be lower.  According the most recent data available, immigrant households, which include illegal immigrants, long term visa users, and permanent residency without naturalization use welfare at astonishingly high rates compared to native born people.  I'm going to go over some of these numbers because they are really high in my opinion.  

IF FORCING KIDS INTO SCHOOL TOO EARLY CAUSING ADHD DIAGNOSES TO SKYROCKET?  I volunteered in my daughter's kindergarten classroom and came away from the experience feeling relatively certain that we should not start all kids in school at the same time.  Some kids are simply not ready for the structure and learning of a classroom at six.  Now Harvard has a very extensive study that says my hunch is right.  It also showed that children who are near the cutoff date for age are FAR more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD than older kids.  We need to do away with mandatory start dates for first grade and let parents have more control over when their kids are ready to go to school.

IS SELFLESSNESS AS SEXY AS A HOT BOD?  ONLY MILLENNIALS KNOW FOR SURE Because millennial age men are choosing "selflessness" as what's most important to them, more important than "physical strength" which isn't a bad thing, but it's a bit different than the generations before them.  So working out has been replaced by working on a cause?  Not quite, physical health and fitness still matter, just not as much.  

STEELERS FANS FIGHT EACH OTHER BECAUSE STEELERS FANS I shouldn't say it like that because my husband grew up a Steelers fan.  However, these three fans are morons. 


I'M HOPING NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON ISN'T A CREEP BUUUUTTTTT He's now been accused of creepy behavior by two women in a blog posting on  One of the women met him at a conference and he was just creepy and the other was a former assistant he came on to so she quit.  There is another woman who previously accused him of rape when they were in college (she first made her claims well before the #metoo movement).  Both Fox News and Nat Geo are investigating the claims (the two new accusations, not the rape from what I can tell) but we could be watching the beginning of the end of Tyson.  This is why I keep telling my friends who have elevated Tyson to god like status that eventually he will disappoint them.  Because human beings are inherently corruptible.  If you're interested, here is his typically arrogant response to the allegations.  

MY HERO LOST HIS AGE CHANGE CASE You remember the guy who wanted his legal age dropped by 20 years in Holland?  He lost his bid.  His logic may have long reaching ramifications for those who want to change their gender based on how they feel.  At least it should.  I'm not enough of an expert on Dutch courts to make that judgment.  

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ IS REALLY THE GIFT THAT IS JUST BEGINNING TO GIVE And I'm trying to not pick on her too much before she's even sworn in, but read this garbage.  She doesn't have even a rudimentary understanding of any of the things she's about to voting on.  Thankfully, she's just one of 435.  I wonder if she even knows that?  

THE TRAINWRECK WHO IS BRENDA SNIPES HAS UNRESIGNED Brenda Snipes is the completely incompetent Supervisor of Elections in Broward County Florida who oversaw the disastrous election and mess last month.  She submitted her resignation effective January 4, 2019, but Governor Rick Scott, who her shenanigans were trying to prevent from winning, suspended her.  Now she says she's going to fight this or something and no one should be surprised at any of this.  Oh, Florida.  

WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU TRY TO REIN IN THE WELFARE STATE?  Watch what's happening in Paris and other parts of France right now.  President Macron is trying to lower taxes on residents, which would be fine except the State spends most of that money on welfare programs they don't want to cut.  So enter the Fuel Tax in France.  Macron's government passed a fuel tax that would increase the cost of gas about 30 cents in the next year with a higher premium on diesel fuel.  That means gas would end up costing about $4.49 a gallon and the drivers and delivery people are very unhappy about this.  Thus we had rioting over the weekend.  If ANY of the carbon tax schemes I've seen bandied about are passed, we will skyrocket past that number.  I wonder how poor people will respond?  Students are also protesting the fact that there will be standards to determine who gets to go to college for free there, whereas now, if you pass your finals in high school you get to go to college. 

HICKENLOOPER'S POKE AT TABOR AND GALLAGHER IS REJECTED BY COLORADO'S SUPREMES Governor John Hickenlooper petitioned the Colorado Supreme Court for what he called "clarification" on the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights and the Gallagher Amendment.  From

When he asked the question, Hickenlooper said he thought the issues between the amendment threated the government’s ability to provide essential services. At the time,  he hoped the court would find a “workable solution.”

A workable solution to the Governor would seem to be the solution that allows government to spend our money without our permission.  So no.  The Court declined to answer the questions.  



THIS IS QUITE THE KNOCKOUT-NOT KNOCKOUT I'VE EVER SEEN Dave will expound on the rest of the fight but check this out. 


CAN'T AFFORD AN ELECTRIC CAR?  YOU GET TO PAY FOR THOSE WHO DO TO CHARGE THEIR CARS Because the state of Colorado is using YOUR MONEY and MINE to build charging stations across the state.  This ticks me off.  If it's so important, let the private market do it.  

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