It's Weather Wednesday plus the Poet Laureate of Santa!

I CAN'T WAIT TO ASK CHRIS SPEARS ABOUT LAST SATURDAY'S WEATHER Because it's Weather Wednesday at 2pm!  You should shop at Chris' new shop, find out more by clicking here!

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A PERSONALIZED POEM FOR THE HOLIDAYS, WE'VE GOT IT! As Amy Marschak, the Official Poet Laureate of the North Pole joins me at three to talk about Improv Poetry and writing for your pets.  Find out more about Amy by clicking here.  Get a pet poem on December 8th from 11am to 3pm at Only Natural Pet at 5900 South University, Greenwood Village.  If you can't bring your pet, she can still do a poem for you!

PAUL MANAFORT'S ATTORNEYS HAVE BEEN REPORTING BACK TO TRUMP'S ATTORNEYS And there is absolutely nothing illegal in this.  Manafort's attorneys have been keeping the President's people in the loop about what Mueller has been up to.  People are apoplectic, of course, but again, this is not illegal.  Unseemly?  Yes.  Shady?  Also yes, but not illegal.  

THE NEWEST TRUMP BASHING HOLLYWOOD VEHICLE FAILED MISERABLY And now the rebooted staunchly anti-Trump Murphy Brown has been relegated to the dustbin of history and cancelled.  When will Hollywood learn?  Spoiler alert: they won't. 

TEENS ARE WORKING AS MUCH AS THEY USED TO AND THIS COULD BE BAD I realize that teenagers today have a ridiculous amount of responsibility to school, extra curriculars and volunteering in order to pad their college admissions forms, but this isn't good.  Teens in Colorado are not in the workforce like they used to be.  I am a huge fan of kids working, I started working at 14 and have pretty much worked since then.  I think a higher minimum wage plays into things, as older folks are now filling these entry level jobs that used to be the best way for kids to learn responsibility and whole host of other admirable qualities.  

GUESS WHO ISN'T MEETING CLIMATE GOALS FROM THE PARIS TREATY WE DIDN'T SIGN?  Pretty much every country who did sign it, that's who.  And even if we did ALL meet the targets put forth by the Paris Agreement, it's NOT ENOUGH ANYMORE!  From the article: 

Now, the majority of G20 countries aren’t following through on their promises, according to a new report from the United Nation Environment Programme. And, even if countries followed through, the world would fall short of limiting temperature rise to safe levels.

“Countries are not doing enough,” says UNEP official Phillip Drost, who coordinated the report. “We need to mitigate more emissions.”

IT'S NOT ENOUGH, PEOPLE!  WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!  So what is the solution?  Money.  Of course it is.  Check this out.

Stemming temperature rise and all the associated effects doesn’t require the advent of a moonshot solution, and the UNEP report points to several paths to address warming using existing policy solutions. A price on carbon of $70 per ton of carbon dioxide, implemented through a measure like a carbon tax, could cut emissions by 40% ton in some countries. Cutting subsidies for the fossil fuel industry could cut global emissions by 10%. And the effort by cities, states and other sub-national governments could expand to incorporate more communities. “The gap can be bridged,” says Drost.

All of these things mean dramatic increases in the price of pretty much everything you consume.  Are you willing to do that?  

DEAR REPUBLICANS, PLEASE READ THIS EDITORIAL AND DO WHAT IT SAYS School choice is a BIG issue for me because I believe a great education is the key to a successful life, a vibrant workforce and a booming economy.  I don't hate public schools but I want the chance as a parent to have a voice in what my kid is learning.  That's why my daughter is in a charter school.  Most parents want to have some measure of control and Democrats are on the wrong side of history on this one.  Great editorial in the Gazette right here. 



IT'S ADORABLE UNTIL THEY TURN 16 This is a father-daughter showdown for the ages.


IF I GET BANNED FROM TWITTER WILL SOMEONE CALL CONGRESS?  Because it seems that talk show host Jesse Kelly, who last Sunday was "permanently banned" from Twitter is now magically back up and running on the platform.  How did this happen?  Congress is making noises about investigating Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for lying to Congress about banning people based on political views.  

WHY DON'T I BELIEVE THE GOVERNMENT'S REPORT ON CLIMATE CHANGE?  BECAUSE THEY ARE ALWAYS WRONG And economist Stephen Moore outlines how badly they've missed their predictions in the past in this column

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