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MEDICINE HAS IT'S FAIR SHARE OF SCANDALOUS HISTORY I'm talking with author Thomas Morris today about his incredibly interesting book called The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth an Other Curiosities from the History of Medicine. If you're one to believe doctors have all the answers you may want to pick this one up.  Buy it here, he's on at 1:30 today from jolly old England.

CAN WE CALL IT AN INVASION YET?  As migrants stormed the border yesterday throwing large rocks and attempting to breach a border wall while some waved Honduran flags, the news media is AGHAST that Border Patrol use non-lethal means to try to subdue the situation.  I put that in italics because the narrative that we attacked peaceful migrants who were just standing around is really ticking me off.  Does this look peaceful?  

Or this?  


Don't give me the "I'm so ashamed that the US is gassing children" and ask yourself why people are taking children into this mess. 

GMO BABIES ARE ALLEGEDLY A THING IN CHINA NOW And I say allegedly because some are saying that it's not really true that scientists have genetically manipulated babies in the womb.  Two baby girls where born after having their genes altered to make the resistant to HIV.  I think this is insane.  If they were trying to genetically manipulate babies to prevent them from having, say, sickle cell of some other genetically inheritable disease, that would be one thing.  I have some words about this today.  

RUSSIA AND UKRAINE ARE POSTURING FOR WAR At least that's certainly how it looks from the outside looking in.  Russia just seized three Ukraine ships they say wandered into Russian territory.  Ukraine has declared martial law to prepare a response.  This could end badly and the international community needs to do something quickly and collectively.  

IS PATIENCE THE ANSWER MORE THAN REGULATION?  That's the argument being made in this column re: government needing to regulate Big Tech.  They make the argument that before long, Facebook will be relegated to the dustbin of history so we should just wait it all out.  Our impatience leads to bigger government almost every time.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR 2019 WILL BE LIKE?  This astrologer claims to know, find out what she says about your sign here

BETO ARGUES FOR MORE INTERVENTION IN CENTRAL AMERICA In a column that CLEARLY demonstrates he's really thinking about running in 2020, Beto O'Rourke lays out his foreign policy strategy when it comes to dealing with the migrant caravan.  He wants us to fix Central America.  I mean he says a lot more, but that's what he means.  Why is this any different than Bush wanting to fix the Middle East?  They don't have oil, but the rest of it is pretty much the same.  

HERE'S A CHART OF WHEN YOU CAN LEAVE YOUR KIDS HOME ALONE And I'm pretty sure they don't mean while you fly to Paris on a family vacation.  When did you start leaving your kids home alone?  I still don't leave The Q home alone.  I'm that mom apparently.  Here's the chart. 

MEN, PLEASE TAKE A STAND ON THIS IMPORTANT ISSUE And that is marriage proposals.  There is a Jared commercial out where a woman drops to one knee and proposes with a ring and everything and the guy accepts and everyone in the restaurant claps and whatever.  This column argues quite correctly that this is totally jacked up and isn't the way things are supposed to be.  Here is the ad in question.  

CAPITAL LETTERS ARE TOO SCARY FOR SOME STUDENTS At least according to the Leeds' Trinity school of journalism.  A recent memo circulated for the benefit of the staff asked that teachers and staff not use capital letters as it might frighten students and render them unable to even attempt the assignments.  No, I'm not kidding, read it here

YOU SHOULD READ THIS STORY ABOUT DRUG COMPANY SHENANIGANS IN COLORADO This just came to my attention over the last week even though it came out in October.  Colorado is seeking to hold Purdue Pharma responsible for their fast and loose selling of Oxycontin in our state.  Read this whole article.  It's important. 

PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE LUNCH BAGS ARE TOTALLY UP MY ALLEY And a snarky California mom is selling them for your teen's lunch.  Check them here! 

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