It's Weed Wednesday and Here's the BLOG!

HOW GREEN IS YOUR WEED?  Bruce Kennedy is a reporter who covers the marijuana industry and he's got a new article in this month's issue of DOPE magazine about where the industry is at this stage of legalization and the impact on the environment.  He's on at 2 for a deep dive on what he found out. 

HAVE THE OLYMPICS BECOME THE HIGH MAINTENANCE GIRLFRIEND NO ONE WANTS?  No one wants the 2026 Olympics.  Calgary just voted no to going after the Games.  City after city has bowed out, citing citizen oppositions, ridiculous costs and not enough upside.  Is it time to scale back the ridiculous stadiums and other accouterments to make the Games a desirable thing again?  

A MALE TEACHER IS DISCIPLINED FOR NOT WATCHING A FEMALE STUDENT UNDRESS But there is SOOO much more to this story than the headline could ever hint.  The teacher in question is a male PE teacher who was ordered by the school to monitor a biological female student who identifies as a boy dress and undress in the boy's locker room.  He refused, as you can imagine.  Read the entire story here and you simply will not believe this is where we are today.  

SCIENCE PROVES MEN WITH BEARDS ARE HOT And it's not just me, it's SCIENCE.  They actually did an experiment to prove this.  

I SURE WISH ANGRY WOMEN ON THE LEFT WOULD READ THIS Because frankly the level of nastiness currently directed at women who dared to vote against the feminist dogma is far worse than I could have anticipated.  This column scratches the surface on how I feel but doesn't go nearly far enough in responding the shaming going on now.  

THIS IS HOW THE CIVIL WAR STARTS When polling data shows that Democrats and Republicans are both willing to label each other "evil" it's only a matter of time until the shooting starts.  That seems like hyperbole, but is it really?  


THE USPS LOST 3.9 BILLION LAST YEAR WHILE UPS MADE 4.9 BILLION And if this isn't a perfect example of how government simply can't do what the private sector can I don't know what is.  The Post Office says the reason it lost money for the 12th year in a ROW is that the government put onerous restrictions on them that they can't work around, most of which pertain to properly funding pensions.  Fine, do away with pensions and fix it then.  Oh wait, we can't because government.  Meanwhile, UPS posted a 1.1 billion dollar profit LAST QUARTER.  

THE WORST CASE SCENARIO IN THE EUTHANASIA BUSINESS HAS HAPPENED A Dutch doctor has been charged after having an old woman's family hold her down so he could administer a lethal dose and kill her.  Read it here

WE ARE MAKING WEAPONS TO END WAR And I mean just that, because if we can make a sniper bullet that ONLY kills the intended target, or an exoskeletons to protect soldiers on the battlefield we can make ourselves a very unattractive target.  DARPA is our top secret agency in the US making this and so much more. 

WE'RE NUMBER 1!  WE'RE NUMBER 1!  JUST DON'T TELL THEM DIA IS IN WYOMING Denver International Airport was named #1 Large Airport in the US by the Wall Street Journal.  Go us! 



ANTI SEMITISM IS ALIVE AND WELL IN COLORADO But can we be real in where the problem is coming from?  Yes, there are white supremacists who hate Jews.  However on the Left hatred of Jews has been normalized through the BDS movement and support for the Palestinian movement.  And now anti-Jew hate crimes are up in Colorado.  

THIS STORY IS WHAT'S RIGHT WITH AMERICA A mom is a mom, no matter the race.  Read this heartwarming story here. 

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