Hello Monday. I've Got Brian Kilmeade Today!

FOX NEWS' BRIAN KILMEADE HAS A NEW BOOK OUT And he's on today to discuss Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans, which you can buy by clicking here.  He's on today to discuss it and we'll probably find time to talk about the elections and whatnot.  See Brian here locally on November 30th at the Centennial Institute by clicking here

FLORIDA IS IT'S REGULAR HOT MESS SELF STILL As the recounts begin in what should have an already over election.  You can read all about the latest shenanigans here, but why is it staunchly Democrat counties which can't get their acts together?  Just asking.  Even the Washington Post concedes that the Supervisor of Elections is incompetent.  And yet, she's still in office.   It's reached the level of absurdity that the Democrats are objecting the exclusion of the votes of illegal immigrants in court. 

STAN LEE IS DEAD And comic book geeks all over the world are in mourning today.  Read the obit here. 

THE VOICE OF HAL THE COMPUTER IS DEAD And movie geeks all over the world are in mourning today.  Read the obit here


SANCTUARY CITY LETS OUT DUDE WHO GOES ON TO MURDER THREE And now there is a pissing match over whether or not sanctuary city Middlesex New Jersey is to blame or if ICE is to blame for not getting a deportation order for him.  I'm sure the families of the three murder victims are waiting with bated breath to see who to be mad at.  

GOVERNOR MOONBEAM NEEDS TO TELL CALIFORNIANS TO GIVE UP THEIR CARS Because he went on a diatribe about "climate change denier" are the reason California's wildfires are doing so much damage.  Okay, let's just say he's right.  46% of California's CO2 emissions come from transportation.  That equals a bit over 164,000,000 metric tons of CO2 a year in 2016.  Just as a frame of reference, Colorado's CO2 emissions in 2016 were roughly 100,000,000 metric tons TOTAL from all sources.  

THE BAR FOR EXERCISE IS OFFICIALLY ON THE GROUND The government has given up with they say this in a new report about exercise guidelines:

The guidelines also aim to make it a little easier for Americans to reach the minimum goals of 2 ½ hours of exercise a week by stressing that even parking the car a little further out in the parking lot can add to the total.

If you're so sedentary that you need to count the time you spend walking into Target as exercise you really need to get off your duff more.  

HILLARY WILL RUN AGAIN IN 2020! HOORAY!  AT least that's what the Washington Times says.  Fingers crossed that it's true!  

TAKE YOUR PARENTS TO WORK DAY IS A THING NOW And I'm cool with it.  I always bring my folks to the station when they come visit, but not as something as structured as this.  But hey, if it helps workers feel good to show off for mom and dad who am I to criticize?  

LET'S LET QUEEN BRING US TOGETHER!  I saw this yesterday and I love it.  We all need to memorize it and sing it together!


WHERE SOME OF COLORADOS BALLOT INITIATIVES ACTUALLY PASSED This is one of those exercises that are totally useless but it's sort of fun because you can see how each and every ballot initiative that would have negatively and disproportionately affected a DIFFERENT area passed with flying colors in areas that would have been largely UNAFFECTED by the measure.  Imagine that.   

THOUGH I'M IMPRESSED, THIS WOMAN PUTS WEIRD PRESSURE ON OTHER MOMS An Air Force Staff Sgt. was participating in an Ironman competition when she realized that her scheduled milk pumping stop would prevent her from achieving a personal record so she kept running.  While pumping.  Dear other moms, please don't feel like you have to do this.  It's really, really unusual and it's okay if you don't do this.  

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