And Now Friday We're Back to Politics

HARVARD OPENLY DISCRIMINATES But the minority community they discriminate against is fighting  back.  It's not African Americans, it's Asian-Americans that are getting the short end of the stick these days and Harvard ignored a study by it's own people say that Asian-Americans are routinely knocked down by Harvard's admissions department.  This is all part of a bigger lawsuit filed on behalf of Asian-American students who were rejected by the school for matriculating while Asian.  So what would Harvard's student body actually look like if admissions were on academic merit alone?  I'll share that with you today. 

DEMOCRATS ARE DEMANDING THE RULES DON'T COUNT IN FLORIDA As they desperately try to stop a Republican win the US Senate race and the Governorship.  What's hilarious is that as boxes of ballots are being miraculously found in school classrooms, liberal leaning outlets which have been hyperventilating about Russian interference in 2016 are now completely blase about this.  Of course they are.  

DID VOTERS GIVE COLORADO DEMOCRATS A MANDATE?  I've heard two separate interviews, including one on KOA Newsradio with Democratic leadership where the officials used the word "mandate" to describe their solid victory in the state.  What does this even mean?  I think it means the Democrats are in real danger of overreaching on some big policy issues.  The last time they did this we got gun control and those laws are still on the books so don't think this isn't a big deal. 

STEPHEN COLBERT DID THE RIGHT THING CALLING OUT ANTIFA For their thuggery in protesting outside Fox News host Tucker Carlson's house.  I sure hope other Democrats will do the same and we can actually bring some semblance of civility back.  Oh wait, nevermind. 

SOCIAL MEDIA USE MAKES YOU LONELY AND DEPRESSED And now there is a study to prove it.  

IF YOU'RE SEEKING WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE OVERPRICED EARRINGS, I'VE GOT THEM RIGHT HERE Or more accurately, Yves St. Laurent has them.  And they are shaped liked penises.  Not suggestive of penises, they actually look exactly like penises.  I have to ask, who wears this?  And why?  

THE TEACHERS UNION IS COMING FOR CHARTER SCHOOL TEACHERS And there is nothing surprising about this.  As 25% of Denver schools are charter schools it only makes sense that the union would try to horn their way in.  But union contracts are one of the reasons we HAVE charter schools, which are free of the onerous union negotiated employee deals.  I'm curious as to whether or not charter school teachers would even be interested in joining.  


WHAT'S WRONG WITH WHITE REPUBLICAN WOMEN?  Short answer is nothing, but this article is completely confused about why women would ever vote Republican.  This is like me asking how any man could vote for Democrats.  It's really just as stupid.

NOW THAT THEY LOST POLITICIANS CAN FINALLY TELL THE TRUTH And I'm not even exaggerating on this one.  Multiple losers have come forward to express their gratitude that now that they are no longer running they can actually be candid about their real feelings.  We need to all remember this.  Oh, and these are all Democrats.

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