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WE HAVE OFFICIALLY LEFT PURPLE BEHIND And I'd like to thank all the people who voted for free stuff for officially turning us into California East.  But will we REALLY be California East?  Can TABOR be the true stop gap on spending that will surely be coming down the pike with a Democrat controlled Legislature and Governor's mansion?  We shall see.  

COLORADO REJECTED BIG GOVERNMENT SPENDING AND TAX INCREASES But then elected people who pretty much promise to do both.  Which seriously confuses me.  Here is a list of how our ballot initiatives did

IT COULD HAVE BEEN FAR WORSE AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL Colorado is done for, but what about the rest of the country?  Yesterday was hardly a Blue Wave nationwide, with Democrats taking control of the House but giving up seats in the Senate.  So now we have a divided government so you should expect neverending investigations in the House and really nothing in the Senate.  Gridlock isn't the worst thing that could happen though.  Historically, Trump did better than most of his recent predecessors.  I saw this on Twitter:

Midterm Election, Most House Seats Lost by President's Party in Power

2010 Obama: -63

1994 Clinton: -52

1958: Eisenhower: -48

1974 Ford (Nixon): -48

1966 Johnson: -47

1946 Truman: -45

2006 Bush: -30

1950 Truman: -29

1982 Reagan: -26

2018 Trump: -26

*NY Times data since 1946

All in all, not too shabby.  I can't wait to see what this lame duck Congress does in the meantime.  Dave did a little research and found out that over the past 21 midterm elections, the President's party has lost an average of 30 seats in the House and an average of four seats in the Senate.  In addition, only TWICE has the President's party gained seats in both houses.  Very interesting.  

LET'S NOT FORGET TO BE GRATEFUL TODAY Because even though Colorado is going to be a disaster for a while, we still live in a nation where the peaceful transfer of power takes place on a regular basis and is peaceful for the most part.  That is not the case everywhere in world.  Don't forget that.  

HERE'S SOME GOOD NEWS YOU SHOULD CONCENTRATE ON The Republicans held the Senate and seem to have gained seats (concede already Bill Nelson) so that means President Trump will continue to get his judges approved.  Byron York lays it out.  

WANT LESS OF SOMETHING?  RAISE TAXES ON IT.  LIKE MEAT.  The British government has some advocating for a meat tax.  Why?  Because they say the consumption of red and processed meat is costing the NHS bigly so they want to tax the crap out of it so people will eat less of it.  I love how politicians recognize that raising taxes has this effect but then try to tell people that raising taxes on things like income or payrolls won't have the same effect.  It must be nice to go through life so clueless. 


THREE MORE STATES LEGALIZE MARIJUANA USE With Michigan going full recreational and Utah and Missouri adding medical marijuana to the fold.  Can we all admit that medical marijuana is simply the gateway to legal recreational use?  All you have to do is look at the history of the movement to understand this.  I guess it lets a state get a handle on a new industry slowly, so maybe that's not a bad thing.  

NEED A GIFT FOR DAD?  HERE'S SOME STUFF FOR YOU. I know I'm of a certain age when it's not even Thanksgiving yet and I'm already shopping for Christmas gifts.  Here is a list of stuff for the guy hardest to shop for: Dad.  

NEED A GIFT FOR MOM?  OPRAH'S GOT YOU COVERED With her list of her Favorite Things out already.  Apparently no one gets a car this year, but you could buy some cool socks or something. 


RATS SHOULD NOT USE CELL PHONES Because scientists have proven that the radiation in cell phones can cause cancer in rats.  Not people, mind you, rats.  So rats should DEFINITELY not use cell phones. 

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE MAY HELP DIAGNOSE ALZHEIMER'S EARLY And if this works it's a BIG DEAL.  There is currently no solid test for Alzheimer's Disease, it's sort of diagnosed through process of elimination.  A team of scientists taught their AI to see changes in brain chemistry so subtle humans can't see it and the AI is now capable of diagnosing Alzheimer's SIX YEARS earlier than symptom onset.  This is HUGE for treatment as it currently stands.  

SO WHAT IF IT'S A PLACEBO IF IT WORKS This very long article tells me what I already know.  The placebo effect is real, but sometimes, it works.  

COMMON CORE IS AN EPIC FAIL AND NEEDS TO BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY But don't take my word for it, check out the test scores since this disaster of feel good garbage started.  They are flat or down.  Especially in math.  I do need to thank Obama for Common Core or I might have never found my daughter's charter school which firmly rejects it.  

LONG TIME, NO SEE IS NOW RACIST OR SOMETHING At least according to one CSU student who is taking on the role of language cop for the school.  She says it's possibly offensive to Asians and I for real can't figure out how that's even possible.  This is the state of affairs on college campuses these days.  

JIM ACOSTA IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST Just watch this exchange with President Trump this morning.

I SURE HOPE THEY PUT THE LEGAL INJECTION SITE NEXT TO THE MAYOR'S HOUSE Of course they WON'T but the Denver City Council is considering creating a legal illegal drug injection site somewhere.  The notion of a legal illegal drug injection site is so preposterous that a logical thinker such as I can't fathom it.  But hey Denver, this is what you guys and gals want, right?  As long as it's not in your neighborhood I'm guessing. 

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