FINALLY an Election Day Blog!

CDOT'S MICHAEL LEWIS IS ON AT 2 For Transportation Tuesday so get your road questions ready!

GO VOTE!  UNLESS YOU MEET ANY OF THESE CRITERIA I know we're supposed to tell everyone to vote but I'm not that sort of girl.  If you're an idiot, don't cancel out my educated vote.  This columnist has put together 12 handy questions to help you determine if you should just stay home.  

DO YOU BELIEVE IN DEMOCRACY?  I know, I know, we are NOT a democracy per se, but this question is interesting to me.  Polling asked the question: "What is your view on American Democracy" and the answers were Have Faith, Lost Faith or Never Had Faith.  The results are sad but predictable.  We shall discuss. 

GUESS WHAT VOTING NARCISSISTS?  SNAP AWAY!  It is still illegal in many states to snap a selfie in a voting booth but not here in Colorado!  

DO WE NEED A MAGNA CARTA FOR THE WORLD WIDE WEB?  Though I recognize that the web has become something of a dumpster fire in some respects, I'm not sure I want the geeks to determine what we do and do not have access to.  The creator of the web says a new agreement must be reached to prevent the spread of fake news, hatred and other nonsense.  I'll wait to see what this becomes before I jump onboard or off.  

DO WE NEED A BETTER TOILET?  Bill Gates thinks so.  He's spending $200 MILLION bucks to help someone create a better toilet, specifically one that doesn't use water or electricity.  I love a good contest!  Let's see who will be Number 1 in the Number 2 contest!  

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ IS POISED TO THE MOST UNEDUCATED PERSON IN CONGRESS Because her reliably Democratic district is going to send this dimbulb to DC.  When asked how the government should pay for her grandiose Medicare for all plan, she said this,

“People often say, like, how are you going to pay for it and I find the question so puzzling because ‘How do you pay for something that’s more affordable? How do you pay for cheaper rent?’ You just pay for it. We’re paying more now.”

Mmkay.  And she's going to have a vote in the House of Representatives.  


The past week has been the deadliest for tornadoes since April 2017

That's all.  Because 2017 was SOOOOO long ago.  

WHY DO CELEBRITIES THINK IF THEY GET NAKED WE WILL VOTE? And this isn't some sort of rhetorical question, this is actually happening.  Female celebrities (where are the men at??) have posted videos of them naked telling people to vote or something.  Can someone explain this to me?  


OH DELTA, YOU ARE SO FULL OF... A passenger on a Delta Airlines flight got a special seat assignment.  It was the seat covered with feces!  The best part is the flight attendant told him he'd have to sit in that seat or miss his flight.  This didn't happen on MY watch when I flew for Delta!  

POLITICAL STUPIDITY MAKES THIS CRITIC WANT TO SAY GOODBYE DOLLY This story is just so stupid.  So very, very stupid.  

UNBIASED JOURNALIST CURSES THE NOTION A REPUBLICAN COULD WIN And it happened in Michigan where Republican John James is running for the Senate.  A reporter calling to set up a post election interview accidentally didn't hang up the phone.  She kept talking.  We'll have it today. 


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