It's a Monday Before Election Day Blog!

ONE. MORE. DAY. And then we can all go back to watching tv without five million annoying political ads.  I'm giving out free advice to anyone needing help on your ballots today.  Mike Rosen's picks are here.  Ross Kaminsky and I are in lock step with our choices and here they are.  

TAKE THE KIDS TO SHOOT SOME TURKEYS!  This is such a FUN event for the kids and you should go.  It's this Saturday and here is the info.  THEY NEED SPONSORS!!! You can do that by clicking on the link too. 

JARED POLIS DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THE COLORADO NATIONAL GUARD ACTUALLY IS Or that they have been an integral part of the war efforts overseas since 2001.  But I'm sure he'll get up to speed as soon as possible when he's Governor.  Watch the embarrassing situation unfold at about the 1 minute mark. 

DID THE DEMOCRATS CHOOSE THE WRONG FIGHTIN' WORDS?  I'm putting this column here mostly because I want to see how it ages on Wednesday.  Sharyl Attkisson is the reporter who was drummed out of CBS because she wanted to do unpopular stories that didn't toe the liberal dogma line.  Her column here says that Dems have chosen loser talking points for this election and she even outlines them and I have to agree with them.  We'll see how it all pans out.  

HEY GUYS A LITTLE SUNSCREEN WON'T KILL YOU BUT MELANOMA SURE WILL Skin cancer deaths are climbing pretty dramatically and mostly all for men.  Women are vain, we wear sunscreen and go to the dermatologist when something looks dogdy.  Men don't do either and they are dying because of it. 

THE SENATE REPORT OF THE KAVANAUGH INVESTIGATION IS OUT IF YOU STILL CARE And the Committee investigated all claims made in the run up to Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.  An overview of the 415 page report is here.  Here is a different story on the same thing.  There was no evidence to support any of the allegations and several were made up on purpose and have been referred to the FBI.  I'm guessing the Democrats won't touch this with a ten foot pole.  

A KID WHO ATE A SLUG EIGHT YEARS AGO FINALLY DIED FROM IT This story is horrible.  Simply horrible.  And I share it so you will share it with your teens who always manage to find the most creative ways to accidentally kill themselves.  

LOUIS FARRAKHAN IS STILL AN AHOLE And he's in Iran right now calling for death to America.  I wonder if Bill Clinton is sad he shared the stage with this total jerk at Aretha Franklin's funeral.  Wait, my bad, he shared the stage with three total jerks.  

He seemed okay with it. 

IT'S GOING TO BE A VERY GOOD YEAR TO BE AN ONLINE SHOPPER As Amazon is matching Walmart by dropping any minimums for two day shipping.  Target is already on board.  Get your keyboards ready! 

AND NOW, THE WORST CAMPAIGN COMMERCIALS OF THIS CYCLE And there is one from Colorado!  I'm so proud.  Or not.  Find them all here.


THE WOMEN'S MARCH STILL HEADED BY ANTI-SEMITES And it doesn't seem like eleven Jews being massacred in Pittsburgh is going to stop them from lovin' up Louis Farrakhan and urging people to not "normalize" Israelis.  I sure hope the women attending realize their p*ssy hats have a whole new meaning now.  They are practically white hoods!  


THIS REVIEW OF THE GARY HART MOVIE IS PROBABLY BETTER THAN THE MOVIE If you've been longing for a cinematic retelling of the monkey business (see what I did there?) that undid Gary Hart's campaign for President, you're in luck!  However if you wanted a GOOD cinematic retelling you may have to wait longer.  But read this review in the meantime


THE PROGRESSIVE UTOPIA OF SEATTLE IS FINDING OUT THEY DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS And the big question here is what to do about the HUGE homeless population in the city.  After declaring a state of emergency three years ago to tackle the problem, it's only worse now.  And city leaders are scratching their heads as business owners tired of dealing with open drug use and human waste are pretty much over it.  

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