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LET'S TALK ABOUT THE 14TH AMENDMENT FOR MINUTE I've got Hans von Spakovsky from the Heritage Foundation on today to talk about birthright citizenship. He's written this column about what he calls the Fundamental Misunderstanding of the 14th Amendment and he joins me at 2 to discuss it.  He's not alone in writing about it, this guy makes the OPPOSITE case that the 14th Amendment DOES confer citizenship to people born here to illegal aliens.  

PLEASE VOTE REPUBLICAN TO CALL BABS' BLUFF  Barbra Streisand says she's gonna move to Canada if the Dems don't take back the House or something.  I don't care but I'd love to see if she means it.

WOW DID YOU SEE THOSE JOB NUMBERS?  Holy cow we added 250,000 jobs last month and there are more people employed now than ever before in the US.  Even more importantly, wages are starting to climb as the labor market tightens.  

THIS ELECTION HAS NOT BEEN WITHOUT AWKWARD ERRORS And the nice folks at Fox News gathered up some of the greatest non-hits for us.

WOULD COULD PANDAS TEACH US ABOUT LOVE?  Well for one thing, you should sing to your sweetie during lovin' time.  Seriously, pandas do

CAN WE ALL AGREE NOT TO GLOAT IF YOUR TEAM WINS THE ELECTION? This article in the Washington Post gives a handy list of questions one should ask oneself before the election on how, exactly, you might handle winning.  It was written by a liberal for liberals if you ask me (the author lives in Seattle and works in non profits, sooooo) and it's unfortunately necessary.  But there is not column asking people what they will be like when they lose.  Again.  

SPEAKING OF CIVILITY, NANCY PELOSI IS MAKING AN OFFER YOU CAN'T REFUSE The naked thuggery being displayed by Democratic leadership is revolting.  Nancy Pelosi becomes the latest Democrat to imply that voters wanted the political rhetoric toned down they just need to elect Democrats.  Just like the mob used to say if business owners didn't want their windows broken they just needed to pay for protection, amiright?  

She's just echoing Hillary Clinton's recent comments of the same ilk. 

I AM NERVOUSLY EXCITED ABOUT THIS MOVIE I hope they don't screw it up.



DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS PROUDLY ASSOCIATES WITH KNOWN HATE GROUP And the hate group is the Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC has been lying about organizations they disagree with politically and spreading false information that for some reason news organizations still accept at face value.  Whatever good work they USED to do is not outweighed by shady dealings and money hoarding.  Denver Public Schools is now proud to align themselves with the alleged values of this known hate group.  Well done, DPS.  

ALEC BALDWIN ARRESTED FOR BEING A VIOLENT A HOLE And I know he won't be held accountable by the Left but I hope a judge does.  He got into a fight with someone over a parking spot in the West Village and punched the guy.  Oh wait, if the guy is gay, which is entirely possible being the West Village, Baldwin may face consequences.  I can hardly wait.  Maybe he should watch Mr. Rogers.

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