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HEY LADIES WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF?  Join me and my Ladies Chit Chat Club Team for a FREE self defense class for women at Colorado Krav Maga.  My friend and fellow podcaster Tahverlee Anglen is in today to talk about it and you can register by clicking here and you HAVE to Pre-register. 

THIS IS WAY SCARIER THAN HALLOWEEN Rep. Maxine Waters is chomping at the bit to be the next Chair of the Financial Services Committee.  Lord have mercy on us if this happens because she plans on seeking her revenge.  

WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN WITH THE CARAVAN MEETS THE TROOPS?  President Trump is sending THOUSANDS of troops to shore up the southern border.  What will this mean for the migrant caravan heading our way?  We'll see.  

WE ARE TOO OBSESSED WITH OUR DOGS And even though I am somewhat (okay, totally) obsessed with my new pup, this author makes the case that our obsession with dogs is unhealthy.  I have to agree with him and I'll get right on ratcheting my obsession back after my new dog hammock arrives.  

LOOKING FOR A SCREAMING GOOD DEAL ON INTERNATIONAL AIRFARE?  You need to read this article about "fifth freedom" flights where international carriers get around a certain prohibition and you can save big.  

MILLENIALS ARE JUST LIKE WE WERE, GOD BLESS EM And many of them are planning not to vote in the mid terms.  I honestly don't remember if I voted in mid terms when I was young and impressionable but I don't remember doing so.  Here is a paragraph that could have been written about me in 1994:

Among all millennials, a 31-percent plurality say the candidate quality that matters most is being able to bring about needed change. Among likely millennial voters, however, a 32-percent plurality say someone who shares their values is the candidate quality that matters most to their vote.

I'm sad to say that they just haven't been around long enough to know that people don't change DC, DC changes people.  

MAYBE NEXT TIME HE'LL SPRING FOR THE BEGGIN STRIPS This dude in New Mexico was shot by his dog.  That is all. 

OBVIOUSLY THAT DOG NEEDS TO BE MORE LIKE THIS DOG The dog up there ^^^ shot his owner and this dog saved his owner.  

TRUMP IS...UH...WARM?  Apparently he's not the Devil incarnate we've been lead to believe, at least according to the Rabbi of the Tree of Life Synagogue where eleven Jews were murdered by a horrible person.  The Rabbi admitted Trump seemed pretty nice in an interview with CNN where head's must have exploded.

ARE YOU ALL SIGNED UP FOR THE WHITE PRIVILEGE SEMINAR AT DU?  I wish I were kidding but it's time again for the University of Denver to roll out the Down with Whitey Seminar where honkies like you and me and go to such breakout session as 

The symposium will feature breakout sessions such as “Anti-Racist Allyship: Avoiding The Pitfalls,” “Colleagial Check-In for POC: Needing Connection While Managing Whiteness,” “Colored White: A Discussion On White Identity,” “White Accountability,” and more, according to the symposium website, 

Sigh.  Have fun if you're going.  


BETSY DE VOS BRINGS ACTUAL DUE PROCESS TO CAMPUS Some changes to Title IX regs will allow someone accused of sexual assault to have the opportunity to question the accuser.  It doesn't have to be direct as a third party could neutrally do this without the accused ever having to directly address the accuser.  This is just.  But can I just say WHY ARE COLLEGES INVESTIGATING RAPE CHARGES?  Call the cops and let them handle it.  

COULD CONGRESS END BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP?  President Trump said he would end it with an Executive Order, which is silly, but now it seems he's going to ask Congress to act legislatively on the issue.  This is the way things are supposed to work but don't expect much if Dems take the Congress in five days.  


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