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DO YOU BELIEVE IN GHOSTS?  I am not ashamed to admit I do.  I have seen them.  Once.  In a weird situation that wasn't particularly scary but I've seen them.  I've got a woman who believes in ghosts too today.  Julie Rieger works as an executive in the entertainment industry.  Then some odd occurrences changed her life and now she photographs ghosts and tells the tale.  She joins me at 2 to discuss.  Find her book by clicking here.

CHARLES COX IS THE DENVER PSYCHIC Have you ever thought about a long lost friend only to have them call you the next day?  That is psychic ability.  Charles helps people tap into their own psychic energy and he's on today at 3.  Find out more about Charles by clicking here

HALLOWEEN CANDY IS THE BEST! And even more so now that I'm an adult because I can eat it whenever I want.  Here is some fun stuff about Halloween candy:

Want a handy guide for wine pairings for Halloween candy?  Click right here

Not a wine drinker?  Here is a handy beer pairings guide! Click right here!

Here is one list of Halloween Candy hierarchy, and YES there is a hierarchy.  

Reese's has come up with a "Candy Exchange" vending machine so you can trade in those black and orange globs for peanut butter cups. 

WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE TO BE SCARED?  Put me in the "I hate being scared or startled" camp.  I HATE it.  If you ever see me at a Haunted House call the cops because I'm being held hostage.  But I decided to try to find out why some of you insane people love being scared and this is what I found.  And I still hate it but am glad you people enjoy it.  More power to you.  

NOW FOR SOMETHING TRULY TERRIFYING Even former Fed Chair Janet Yellen is sounding the alarm about the National Debt.  I wish the people in charge of spending were remotely concerned.  

SURE SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE, I AGREE WITH JON STEWART Because he totally gets that Trump manipulates the media by baiting them into stupid fights with him that do nothing but get the media to engage in sloppy, emotion based journalism that further discredits them.  Okay, that's NOT EXACTLY what Stewart said, but he does get that the media take Trump very personally and he's going to win because of it.  


WHY THE LEFT REALLY HATES TRUMP I know it's Halloween but this column came out a week ago and I missed it. This was written by a Computer Science professor at Yale.  I sure hope he gets to keep his job. 

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