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PHELIM MCALEER IS THE MAN BEHIND GOSNELL Phelim McAleer is a documentarian who has been working to the bring the story of one of America's biggest serial killers to the masses for years.  He's on today at 2pm to discuss the film and the challenges he faced just getting it done.  Go see Gosnell at these theaters TODAY because it may not be there long.  

BOMBS ARE SENT TO PROMINENT DEMOCRATS And the good news is none of them exploded and no one was hurt.  Because they did not explode I'm guessing it makes it a lot easier to gather evidence that will lead law enforcement to the perpetrators.  This is honestly my worst fear about our current political climate.   No bomb was sent to the White House, by the way, as was reported earlier.  

CHAD KELLY GETS CUT And I am proud of the Broncos for doing this.  Chad Kelly has issues he probably needs help with.  From a sport perspective, get rid of the distraction now.  From a humanity perspective, I hope this jolts Kelly into getting that help.  

THIS IS A FANTASTIC COLUMN ON THE LOST ART OF DISCUSSION I can't help but think if the above bombings were motivated by the horrific political climate right now it's because they don't understand the concepts expressed in this column.  We have to be able to return to discussion about difficult issues or they will never be solved and someone will actually get killed. 

I SURE HOPE THE POLLING DATA ON PROP 112 IS WRONG Because if it passes, this will be devastating for Colorado's economy.  CBS 4's Shaun Boyd did a fact check on some recent advertising and you should watch it. 


THIS BRIDE IS INSECURE, AND NOW HER BRIDESMAIDS ARE FATTER BECAUSE OF IT I don't know why I find this story so interesting and I have no idea if it's actually true but it's unfortunately plausible.  An insecure bride wanted to make sure she was the center of attention on her wedding day, so she secretly fattened up her sister bridesmaids.  For real.  Guys, if you ever want to know how far an insecure woman will go to get what she wants, here's your answer

STEM CELLS HELP A MAN WITH MS WALK I'm telling you, this is the future of medicine and may be the thing to reverse the signs of aging.  A man who had a procedure in the UK that involves harvesting stem cells, doing chemo to destroy what's left of his immune system and then re injecting the harvested stem cells to "reset" his immune system got out of the wheelchair he's been in for TEN YEARS.  

YOU MEAN I MAY BE ABLE TO EAT AN AVOCADO BEFORE IT ROTS?  One guy is trying to end food waste AND hunger with a product that extends the life of fruits and vegetables considerably.  And it's all natural too.  


LET'S GO SEE DAD AT DISNEY NOW I am not all that surprised to find out that many families sneak in the ashes of their loved ones to spread a little at Disney.  For real.  It happens like once a month

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