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WHY DO SOME WANT TO CEDE OUR AUTHORITY TO THE UN?  And by some, I don't mean our current Administration.  Clifford May with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is on at 2 to talk about this column about why the US is telling the UN to go pound sand when it comes to giving up our own sovereignty.  

I'VE GOT A FALL FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND AND TWO HALLOWEEN PARTIES And no costume and no desire to come up with one so I need super easy, super lame costume ideas.  Stat. 

WE'RE NOW OUTSOURCING NAMING OUR CHILDREN And this actually sounds kind of appealing to me, honestly.  Naming a baby is a lot of pressure, and now there's an app for that

I FEEL LIKE THIS MIGHT BE TEMPTING FATE OR SOMETHING We all know what happened to the FIRST SS Titanic, right?  Well would you buy a ticket for the SS Titanic II?  It's happening, and it will be a replica of the first ship with new modern safety features.  I'm not down with this.  And I'm not going down with this.  


THEY TURNED CHRIS SPEARS INTO A PAIR OF GLASSES!  Oh, my bad, they just made glasses that can tell you the weather.  They also read text messages and connect to Alexa.  But do they stop sliding down your nose?  

I'M PREPARING TO GO ON THE LAM AFTER I WIN THE LOTTERY What should you do if you win the Mega Millions jackpot?  This article says you should go into hiding.  Fine with me! 

MAKING GENDER GREAT AGAIN!  The Trump Administration is calling a boy a boy and a girl a girl and people are losing their damn minds.  This column explains why this the right thing to do, but do you really need to read it to know that?

JUST IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN, A MUSIC VIDEO OF HORROR MOVIE VILLAINS And it's awesome.  There is a brief curse word in this.  

THE SWEDES ARE MOVING CLOSER TO THE APOCALYPSE And more and more of them are getting microchipped so they can access their offices or snack machines or something.  I am not down with this.  

INVESTORS.COM ISN'T BUYING THE HELPLESS IMMIGRANT CARAVAN STORY And this editorial scorches the notion that there aren't some dirty politics behind this caravan.  I agree with them. 

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