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WE'RE ABOUT TO BE INVADED ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER And one must wonder if this would be happening if the US Government had indeed built "the G-D wall" back in 2008 when immigration reform failed the most recent time.  Of course they would not.  Trump says he's cutting foreign aid to Honduras and Guatemala because they did nothing to stop the horde of people burning the American flag spray painted with swastikas.  

Honduras Immigrants burn flag

Honduras Immigrants burn flag

That AP Photo was taken outside the US embassy to protest the face that the US Government isn't welcoming an invading force with open arms.  Check out the entire photo array from this AP Story.  These are the men who should be fixing their countries but they are trying to invade ours instead.  This is not going to end well.  For anyone. 

HERE ARE MY VOTES FOR THE BALLOT And if you want to know why, you're going to have to listen to ALL of last week's podcasts.  Or at least the first hour of each show.  Here is how I'm voting:

NO Amendment A Civil rights and Constitutional language Repeals a constitutional exception on the ban of slavery that allowed for slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for a crime

NO Amendment V Legislature Reduces age qualification for legislative members from 25 to 21

YES Amendment W Elections and campaigns Shortens language on the Colorado ballot regarding judicial retention by consolidating questions

YES Amendment X Marijuana Changes the definition of industrial hemp from a constitutional definition to a statutory definition

YES Amendment Y Redistricting measure Establishes an independent commission for congressional redistricting

YES Amendment Z Redistricting measures Establishes an independent commission for state legislative redistricting

NO Amendment 73 Taxes and Education Establishes tax brackets and raises taxes to fund education

NO Amendment 74 Property Requires that property owners be compensated for any reduction in property value caused by state laws or regulations

YES Amendment 75 Elections and campaigns Changes campaign finance contribution limits and requirements

YES Proposition 109 Bond issues and Transportation issues Authorizes bonds for transportation projects without raising taxes

NO Proposition 110 Taxes, Bonds, and Transportation Authorizes bonds for transportation projects and raises taxes to repay the debt

NO Proposition 111 Banking Restricts the charges on payday loans to a yearly rate of 36 percent and eliminate all other finance charges and fees associated with payday lending

HELL NO Proposition 112 Fracking Mandates that new oil and gas development projects, including fracking, be a minimum distance of 2,500 feet from occupied buildings and other areas designated as vulnerable.

THERE IS NO WORLD SERIES FOR ME THIS YEAR Dodgers v. Red Sox means I'm out.  Unless they can both lose.  

MILK TASTES LIKE WHITE SUPREMACY!  I expect nothing less from PETA.  Their latest press release (actually a re release because it obviously worked to some degree the first time) says that drinking milk is closely aligned with white supremacy.  How?  Some such nonsense can be found here.  I only included this to demonstrate the lengths these organizations will go to in order to make their case badly.  It's not enough to say, "hey, we think dairy cows are mistreated and we'd love it if you didn't drink milk."  Nope.  Now if you drink milk you're a white supremacist.  The stupid is strong with this, and if you fall for it, the stupid is strong in you.  

IS MIKE COFFMAN DONE?  It seems he might be based on this story about the National Republican Congressional Committee pulling the rest of it's ad buy for Coffman.  Coffman is in a hotly contested race with Democrat Jason Crow for the 6th Congressional District seat and most polls show Crow leading.  The NRCC probably has internal polling that says Coffman doesn't have enough of a chance so they pulled the last million bucks they were going to drop into the race.  They try not to throw good money after bad in these cases.  

ANGRY DINERS TARGET MITCH MCCONNELL In what I like to call "This Will End Badly" we have another example of angry left wingers acting like childish toddlers and attacking McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao as they ate dinner in Louisville.  This is totally unsurprising.  Louisville is home to some of the nastiest liberals I've ever met.  They do this all the time.  That's why he looks so unconcerned.  

The scariest part is when you read the comments on this story.  People think this is a-okay. I tweeted at the Mayor of Louisville asking if he was going to condemn this, but nothing so far on Twitter. 

PHIL KNIGHT OF NIKE DEMONSTRATES HOW RICH PEOPLE GET THEIR WAY And in this case, it's the University of Oregon doing pretty much whatever Mr. Knight told them to do.  There are LOTS of universities in this country who are beholden to some very rich donors.  This is not new or unusual.  And it's exactly what happens in politics but we aren't supposed to talk about it.  

TRUMP IS USING SCIENCE FOR THIS POLICY CHANGE But if you're expecting the science loving left (OMG do you listen to Neil DeGasse Tyson?? SOOOO Genius they say) to love this, you expect wrong.  Why?  The Trump Administration is using science to define gender.  And the left is losing it's collective minds.  

DESIGNER BABIES ARE HERE BUT IT ISN'T ALL ABOUT EYE COLOR The thought of using genetic testing of embryos to pick eye color repulses me for some reason, but using genetic testing to choose an embryo without a genetic marker for a horrible disease seems okay to me.  It's happening now, read about it here.

DID POLITICAL CORRECTNESS RUIN DISNEY MOVIES?  This author is far more curmudgeonly about recent Disney movies than I am, but he may have a point about how injecting feminist manifesto crap into animated films is a bad idea.  It's also a bad idea to inject it into any film, but whatever.  I disagree with his conclusions about the recent Disney entries being "ruined" because I liked them.  And he hates Tangled which is a great movie.   

IS THE NFL OFFICIALLY ON IT'S WAY OUT?  I realize that is blasphemy here in Denver, but check out this article on all the empty seats throughout the league.  And let's not forget that the last home game at Mile High was short over 9,000 Bronco faithful.  Or are they faithful?  We'll see at the next home game, won't we?  

DEAR RESTAURANTS, PLEASE RATCHET BACK THE NOISE AND RATCHET UP THE LIGHTS!  Here is an entire article on using your IPhone flashlight to read menus.  It's ridiculous that this article exists but it does because the crappy lighting in restaurants in now a thing.  

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