Walker Stapleton for a Friday!

WALKER STAPLETON IS RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR And he's on at 2pm to discuss his plans for Colorado.  Find out more about Walker click here.

WANT TO KNOW WHEN YOU'RE GONNA DIE?  We've talked about this stuff before but it's always been sort of futuristic nonsense.  We're getting closer to the day when a test will give us a really good idea of how many spins on the Big Blue Marble we're gonna get.  Sign me up.  

IT MAY BE A CRIME TO MAKE FUN OF ACCENTS IN FRANCE A French lawmaker has proposed a new law making it a crime to make fun of someone's accent.  Seriously, this is what passes for a day at the office in France.  It made me think of this:

SPEAKING OF SNAKE HANDLERS Here is a story about a snake handling church in West Virginia.  Of course it's in West Virginia, where else would it be from?  

IS THERE A MEGA MILLIONS POOL AT YOUR OFFICE?  We have one here and the main reason I ponied up my six bucks is so I wouldn't be the only sucker here on Monday.  Dave concurs.

THIS IS NOT SAFE TO PLAY AT WORK AND CONTAINS A LOT OF CURSE WORDS But I included it because it is video of Nancy Pelosi being chased out of a Cuban restaurant by angry Cuban Americans.  This is NOT what I want to see the Right do more of.  NOT, I repeat NOT.  Perhaps Nancy will encourage other Dems to stop calling for such behavior.

KAMALA HARRIS STRAPS ON THE SANTA HAT To make grandiose promises about giving people other people's money.  There is nothing surprising about her endorsing a guaranteed income program because she doesn't have to pay for it, we do!  

IF YOU'RE NOT GONNA VOTE THAT'S THE DUMBEST PROTEST EVER This article in the WaPo got my hackles up today about people who say they aren't going to vote because our political process is so ugly.  Seriously?  I have words for these people.  

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