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LET'S MAKE TODAY A WORD DAY Because Lori Lynn brought this up yesterday and I love this topic.  What phrases annoy the you know what out of you in the workplace?  Mine is "let's unpack this".  Ugh.  Here is a list of the 40 most annoying phrases, see if yours made the cut.  Mine did not, but I stand by my annoyance. 

TODAY I'M TALKING AMENDMENTS A, V, W, X, Y, AND Z Because a few of these are just housekeeping type stuff and I'll go a little deeper into ones on redistricting and age to serve.  Find Ross Kaminsky's ballot guide here!  I just saw that Mike Rosen did his annual ballot guide and it's here

THIS IS THE MOST PIMP WAY FOR A PIMP TO DIE Dennis Hof was a burgeoning embarrassment for the Republican party as he was running...and winning...for office in Nevada.  The longtime owner of various brothels who was being investigated for sexual assault died in his sleep after a night of partying with porn star Ron Jeremy and former madam Heidi Fleiss.   

MORE GOVERNMENT MEANS LESS MARRIAGE And if you don't believe welfare programs disincentivize marriage, check out this paragraph of this story on rising rates of children born out of wedlock:

The EU likely sees more births out of wedlock because many member countries have welfare systems that support gender-balanced child care, said Michael Hermann, UNFPA's senior adviser on economics and demography, in an interview. Public health care systems, paid paternal leave, early education programs and tax incentives give unwed parents support beyond what a partner can provide.

Now almost half of children in the US are born out of wedlock.  This is incredibly sad to me, as the government can't supply the security of an intact family unit.  Plus being a never married single mother is the surest single indicator of future poverty.   Can we even reverse this trend? 

REMEMBER THE KEITH ELLISON STORY WHERE HE BEAT UP AN EX GIRLFRIEND?  You need to watch this video then.  As does every Democrat angry about Kavanaugh. 

NOW I'LL WIN EVEN MORE WHEN I WIN MEGA MILLIONS! Because no one won last night, taking the jackpot north of $868 MILLION BUCKS!  

THAT CHRISTIAN FIREFIGHTER WHO GOT FIRED IN ATLANTA JUST GOT PAID BIGLY Because he filed a suit alleging the City violated his First Amendment rights by firing him for handing out a book on how to be a good Christian man when it comes to sex.  It was not complimentary towards homosexuality and gay sex.  The Mayor fired him.  Now he gets a settlement of $1.2 million for that firing.  Watch this video for a full history of this man's career.  

THIS IS UTTER BLASPHEMY This study says Christmas music is bad for your psychological health.  Morons. 

THE MANHATTAN DA'S OFFICE IS UNDER INVESTIGATION BY THE FBI For what?  It seems that several high profile investigation just went away after sizeable campaign donations were made to DA Cy Vance Jr.  He's a Democrat by the way.  But he also declined to prosecute two Trump kids who made donations so this may be bipartisan shady.    

A DESCENDANT OF POCAHANTAS WANTS AN APOLOGY FROM LIZ WARREN And this just keeps getting funnier and funnier.  Now a descendant of the actual Pocahantas is demanding an apology from Senator Elizabeth Warren for her claim of Native American heritage.  I went back and found this gem from 2012 to remind people it was ELIZABETH WARREN out there spreading the bull about her heritage.  She made this mess.  

CALLS TO STICK FINGERS IN REPUBLICAN'S FOOD LEAD TO VIOLENCE Okay, okay, I may have jumped the gun on THAT headline, but I have two stories at each end of the current political situation.  First, an assistant professor from the University of Mississippi called for people to

“Don’t just interrupt a Senator’s meal, y’all, put your whole damn fingers in their salads. Take their apps and distribute them to the other diners. Bring boxes and take their food home with you on the way out. They don’t deserve your civility.

And second, did you hear that two Republican politicians WERE ASSAULTED this past weekend?  But I'm sure there's no connection.  

HONDURAS "BEGS" MIGRANT CARAVAN TO GO HOME Because they are about to cost the tiny nation about $65 million in American dollars.  Trump's White House has said they will cancel the foreign aid if Honduras doesn't do anything to stop the caravan of people trying to break into the United States.  This story says there is a full court press by people trying to come here illegally as more and more realize the Democrats and spineless Republicans have stopped any measure of real border security.  

COULD THE NATIONAL LEAGUE BE ADDING A *GASP* DESIGNATED HITTER?  This may send a few baseball purists into fits, but I don't mind it.  The notion that somehow forcing a pitcher up to take his licks when everyone knows he's pretty much got zero shot to hit the ball is more noble than bringing up a slugger who can actually hit is outdated.  I'll see what Dave thinks....

THIS IS A FANTASTIC STORY ABOUT AN ENCOUNTER BETWEEN A COP AND TWO BOYS It doesn't end badly, which is why you should watch it.

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