More Ballot Stuff for a Tuesday

MORE BALLOT STUFF FOR YOU TODAY I'm giving my thoughts on Prop 109 (YES), Prop 112 (HELL NO) and Amendment 73 (DOUBLE HELL NO).  Listen up for the details on why I'm voting the way I am.

MY FRIEND ROSS KAMINSKY DID A VOTERS GUIDE And he and I agree on pretty much everything, so here is a link to his ballot guide

WAS JARED POLIS TRUTHFUL IN HIS FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES?  A new lawsuit says no.  Kristina Cook filed suit about Rep. Jared Polis financial disclosure forms, specifically related to some medical investments the Congressman holds.  She's on a at 2pm to discuss. 

SPEAKING OF POLIS, THIS IS WHY HE WON'T SAY HOW HE'S GOING TO PAY FOR THINGS And it came in the form of a debate Saturday night.  The candidate who says we need to work on Tabor (read as: ditch Tabor) says we shouldn't worry about the cost because we can't raise taxes without a vote from the people.  Read this stellar editorial about it from the Gazette

AND THIS IS THE PART OF PRESIDENT TRUMP THAT MAKES ME WINCE President Trump was handed a victory in court when Stormy Daniels lawsuit was not only dismissed, but now she has to pay HIS legal fees.  But he can't just take the win.  He has to tweet out utter nonsense that shows him to be a sore winner of the worst kind.  


PROJECT VERITAS NABS CLAIRE MCCASKILL IN A WHOPPER OF A LIE TO VOTERS James O'Keefe and the team over at Project Veritas are a veritable nightmare for Dems these days.  Now Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill shows her true colors in the latest video, admitting that she loves gun control and can't wait to vote for it.  Watch it yourself here

BEING IMMORTAL IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER But not ACTUALLY immortal, just immortal in the digital sense.  Sure you could just replace body parts with new one or have your "soul" uploaded into an Android and live your life like that, but why?  One start up is trying to make this a reality

DAMN THE ODDS, I FEEL PRETTY GOOD ABOUT BEING AN INSTANT BILLIONAIRE! But just in case you were wondering what the odds for winning both the Powerball and the Mega Millions drawing, they are pretty long.  But you can't win if you don't play, amiright?? 

DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE HATERS JASON WITTEN I've been there, saying something stupid when you meant to say something awesome.  On Monday Night Football, he said that Aaron Rodgers "pulled another rabbit out of his head" and the internet died laughing

LIZ WARREN'S "I'M TOTALLY A NATIVE AMERICAN" STUNT BACKFIRED SPECTACULARLY As actual Native Americans were less than impressed by her DNA test.  Even Lindsey Graham gets in on the act.  Skip ahead to 5:20 for the good part.

ONE SCHOOL THINKS ASKING FIFTH GRADERS ABOUT THEIR "SEXUAL HISTORY" and it was part of a survey the kids were NOT supposed to take home.  I wonder why.  One mom is NOT happy

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